Don’t Let Your Size Keep You Away From Yoga


Are you overweight? Have you been recommended to practice yoga? Are you afraid of doing that? Are you ashamed of your obesity and plus size? Are you worried about your body flexibility? Are you worried apprehending the humiliation you may feel amidst the slim and toned yoga practitioners? If these questions are holding you back from pursuing your yoga training then I have got something to tell you here.

I often come across people, mostly women, who say that they would love to do yoga. But, just because they are too big for that, they would rather go a bit thinner and then start doing it. No prize for guessing, that going thinner never happens nor that ‘then’ never comes. Will you be amazed now if I tell you that more than 50% of the total yoga practitioners across the globe are plus-sized? So, doing yoga is certainly neither prohibited nor impossible for bigger people. If it’s an excuse your mind is cooking up to make you stay away of yoga, then it’s high time to stop your mind do the thinking.

Here I’d to love to share the famous quote of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, “Yoga is for all people: old people, young people, fat people, skinny people—only not lazy people.”

Well, I understand it may feel complicated initially. But, hey, who said we can’t find a solution to any complication on earth? So, here it is, how to prepare yourself for your yoga session:

1. Find a good instructor: It’s very important, if not the most important task. I agree that most of the times most of the trainers, unfortunately, can be biased about size. That, in fact, makes the bigger people give up on themselves. So, first you choose someone who is not afraid of teaching a plus size person yoga. That shows his/her self-confidence and a positive approach.

2. Quality clothes are must: By saying quality, I am not asking you to buy over-priced branded yoga clothes. All you need is the right clothes that will be able to withstand all the struggles your body is going to make while practicing yoga as well as provide your body enough support. Try online stores, they offer a great range of plus size clothes. Just make sure that the clothes you are going to wear fit your body perfectly. Do not choose baggy clothes thinking you will look slimmer in them.

3. Focus on your abilities: Instead of focusing on what you can’t, it’s good to focus on your abilities. Remember, what you CAN makes all the difference in this world.

4. Don’t distance yourself from tough poses: Of course, there will be poses which might not be possible for you to try. But if you distance yourself from all the ‘seems-to-be-tough’ poses thinking you can never do that, you will actually end up never being able to do that. Try is the keyword. In fact, you can ask your instructor to modify the poses initially so that you can slowly get a grip on them. The more you will challenge your body’s current inflexibility by attempting highly challenging yoga poses, you will move one step closer to achieving perfection.

So, do not hold yourself back from experiencing the blissful magic of yoga just because you are bigger. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace yoga and get ready to rock!

Yogasync me! Now that you know the ins and outs of yoga at any size, try this positive sequence modified to perfection just for you!

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