Do You Know How Not to Get Hurt While Doing Yoga?


Yoga certainly has become a hot topic not just on the internet, but across the world. There are more people that are now accepting this ancient knowledge and art that can help them to heal their health problems. While yoga certainly has the power to heal a wide range of health issues, doing it incorrectly can only worsen your problems. With the popularity of yoga growing across the globe, there are many that prefer online yoga streaming, learning yoga right in the comfort of their home. This allows them to save time and money as they can learn yoga through video and in some cases through online classes as well.

Are you getting hurt?

Yoga injuries are generally  not severe and most go unreported, but it can lead to some amount of discomfort and pain that stays for few days and limits your movements. Like anysport, yoga can also lead to injuries when you are not sure about how much you should stretch your muscles or if you are doing the asana in the correct way. If you are doing yoga asanas in a wrong way there are chances that injuries may develop over a period of years. A better way to keep away from injuries is to ensure that you practice the poses correctly by  hiring a professional and certified yoga trainer, join a yoga studio where you can get proper education, or use an online service that focuses on proper body positioning and has clear options for all levels.

How to avoid common injuries

Wrist Injuries

Balancing your body weight correctly can make a difference. to ensure you do not end up hurting your wrist. Place your hands in the right position to take the pressure off the join.Too much load through the wrist can damage or hurt the joint. You can also transfer the body weight on your knees and thighs while doing certain asanas.

Try cat and dog tilt, to gently strengthen the wrists with alignment

Lower Back Injuries

Many people come to yoga complaining about lower back issues. This is mainly because of our sedentary car and office based lifestyles, without attention to postural detail.  Certain forward bends can aggravate conditions such as sciatica and disc problems, unless you use the proper alignment instruction like found in Yogasync. To eliminate such problems, keep your spine in a neutral alignment by sitting on a blanket. lengthening the spine up and away from the hips to avoid rounding.

Get tips from Yogasync for how to sit, without discomfort:

Knee Injuries

Keeping the knees tight and in the same position for many hours at stretch can lead to knee injuries and therefore you need to focus on where the pain is. Knee tear can often create more problems and therefore you have to be very particular about the position. It is important to prepare yourself in advance for such asanas, so that you are well informed about how you are going to do yoga asanas that are bit complicated. At times knee injuries can also lead to hamstring problems that can lead to lot of discomfort. Many knee injuries actually originate from the hip and ankles as well.  So be sure to stretch your legs, and learn the bodys’ natural alignment to stay injury free.

Stretch your hamstrings with the ankles, knees and hips aligned:

Neck Injuries

While yoga exercises are safe and beneficial you need to protect your body from doing it in a wrong way. Neck injuries are probably the scariest of all because it takes more time to heal. Putting too much body pressure on your neck can damage your neck seriously and therefore requires full concentration and expert support initially. Certain poses requires your neck to move backward like upward facing dog, but doing that without the right alignment repeatedly, could damage the spine.  Distribute the weight of your body evenly to ensure you stay away from neck injuries.

Full camel pose, in the video below,  is a great example of keeping the neck long, inline with the chest, to avoid dumping into the cervical spine.  This full version is not for beginners!  Beginners should start with the beginners version, click here to see it.

Yogasync ME! A yoga practice dedicated to healthful shoulders, neck and hamstrings. 

Get Relief from Pain and Injuries

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