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Nutritious Delicious Spinach Salad Recipe


Fresh baby Spinach                100gr
Scallion                                  100gr
Olives without core                8
Cucumber                               1
Cooked peas                           4 spoon


Salt                                          optional
Black pepper                           optional
Olive oil                                  2tablespoons
Lemon                                       1.2
Yogurt                                     2 tablespoons
Mayonnaise                             optional

Garlic                                      1 clove

Chop all of the ingredients, put in the bowl.  Mix all of the sauce ingredients. You could add some pasta, lettuce and baked corn, or whatever your favorites are!

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Hi! I am Farzaneh Fartash, living in Iran (Tabriz city) . I am married and I have a daughter. I love painting with oil color and cooking. I have cooked for many years, it is absolutely my best hobby! I can cook traditional and modern types of food or innovate new delicious food...of course always healthy! I love sharing my recipes with you to try at home. Professionally, I am a Computer Software Engineering and Information Technology Teacher at the University, and I hold a MS in E-commerce. I sported professionally some years ago, being a Champion of Fitness. Enjoy my recipes and let me know what you think!

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