It’s not too late to Change Your Fear This Year !

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NOW is the time….

Spring is Here!

HI beautiful people… and depending on your side of the globe, Happy Spring and Happy Autumn to you!    Honestly think about this deeply for a second, that me speaking to you now you are probably the wisest  that you have ever been in your life.

Seriously you are ! So you have the ability to create the best year ever!

OK now we are hitting May, how the year is rolling on.
What about your New Years Resolutions ? Are you on track with them?  These are the building bricks to the future,  that your higher self wanted to achieve this year.   If your not achieving them, start by cleaning out all negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and ways of being. An inquiry into the nature of your personality and inner being is imperative, what’s going on why are you not following through?  Think about being that  glass half full person, a mover, shaker and a creator you can be inspiring, not just to self, but to others also. We all know what it is like when we have goals to reach, errands to run and deadlines to meet... yet I see people pussy footing around wasting time and avoiding action… and then another day comes to a close where they haven’t achieved  they we set out to do, which does not leave you feeling so good about yourself… in fact you can feel more drained,  tired and lethargic than you would have had you put our energy into being the creative,  being that we all really are…. Are you guys tracking with me? Do you know what I mean?

Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power.

Well its time to stop those days and start the days where you make a list of things to achieve and get done in the day and the week ahead… and then set about actually doing those things. And  check the items of the list off each time you check the list its as if you put another deposit in the bank of vitality…. and simply put you FEEL BETTER. Action is way more invigorating than non action. You know it! Its the effort you put into struggling with it all that is so taxing. So you just need to stop the struggle and start the doing.
With the right supportive beliefs you can grow up and wake up, and with the unsupportive ones you can be going no where fast.  I know which I prefer!

Your thoughts are EVERYTHING. What you think and what you put your energy to is what you are creating as your experience of life. This isn’t new news! But it is so, so important, especially now that time is running faster than ever before. We are creators and it is up to us to create the life we want to live. And the time between the creation of thought and the manifestation of thought-result is so FAST now that we have to more aware of the thoughts we are having.

So if you haven’t resolved for 2015 to be your best year ever yet, and, you have things piling up that you need to put some attention to, then get your A into G  before you realize half the year has gone already!

While you’re at it, look into the nature of your beliefs and attitudes about life, change and moving forward into new experiences. If you are feeling blocked or stagnant, fearful or anxious then stay tuned,  I am going to be putting out the news letter  A LOT more often this year and trying to get some tools together to help you guys.

Using yoga and meditation we can look into different realms of consciousness to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of our internal landscape and this helps use do what we need to do.  By better knowing our inner mechanisms we are then able to re structure and re program our mind to transform blocks, fear and anxieties into creativity, inspiration and joy!

Here is to the best year every year!

Need some support to turn it around?  Try this meditation.  If you have a few friends and you support each other – even better – invite them in for this:

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About Al Hall

Al has been a student of Yoga for the best part of 2 decades. Loves to surf, play beach volley ball and explore the deeper nature of reality. Fancies himself as a bit of a philosopher. Loves to make videos and is the founder of the site.

33 Responses to It’s not too late to Change Your Fear This Year !

  1. Yoga wall is nice!

  2. ditto – Yoga wall is awesome!:)
    I have never heard of yogatoes. That should be realy relaxing. Im thinking now of combining it with any feet reflexology massages…Wfound plenty of them on www. do u recommend any particular ones?

  3. Thanks for the pep talk. You are right. I am one who has wanted change in my life, but never really made a plan and followed through with it. Nothing will happen unless I make it happen. Your inspiration is appreciated. By the way, love the updated website! Very user friendly.

  4. Wow, the yoga wall is really amazing! I’d love to have it. :-) Thank you for sharing this video. ~ Many Blessings!

  5. The wall looks very interesting, not suitable for our home however. I have heard of the yoga toes will be getting some for the two of us. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  6. I have been practicing yoga quietly all my life. Your site is an inspiration to others. Keep up the good work.

  7. Congratulations That really is a great wall!!! Al! I´m going to take all your advises and follow them. I hope you have a great year! Thank for your time and sharing your knowledge.

    See you!


  8. The yoga wall is Fabulous, Al !!! I always look forward to your adventures and words of encouragement.


  9. I’ve tried a friend’s pair of the yogatoes, and she says that she enjoys them on her toes when she is in the sauna and jacuzzi as well!!
    Kudos to the Yoga for Aging bit, absolutely love it!
    I hope to soon find a wall in my condo to put make into my own, personal yoga wall thanks for introducing it to me!

  10. I love your emphasis on action + knowledge and living our creative dreams. Your wall is great I used to use the sling in the dance studio loved the time to contemplate upside down. I am working on grad project and want to include yoga pricipals, moves w/ folks that have dementia. Talk about fear, when you lose yourSELF concept it is hard to just be. So hope you can touch on this topic, inclusive yoga in future blogs you are great…and like the playfulness in your blogs

  11. Hi

    Congratulations for the new yoga wall…All the Best for this new year pratic´s…next year you tell me what changes / impact that have in your daily pratic and I hope to ear to talk about that wall…I am excited to find more about…



  12. Hey Al,

    My name is Joe Chirco. I’m a drummer and instructor.
    You are truly an inspiration.
    I’m new to Yoga and have been practicing for about a month now. I love it!
    Things in my life are changing for the better. The Yoga wall is amazing too. Where can I get a pair of the Yogatoes? There cool.


  13. Love the wall Al! and the yoga toes!!!! never seen those before – are they painful?…

  14. Thanks.I love Yoga.Yoga is my life.
    Divine Light!

  15. Happy Beautiful New Year to you Al and love the yoga wall (how I would love one of those) and the yoga toes which I will have to get…Good to hear from you and I look forward to next time.

  16. do like the wall I have rings and rope . most student love to hang and stretch there spine and abs.

    enjoy and feel the breath

  17. Hey, Al. A very good friend recommended your video some minutes ago. And I must say I admire your “Christmas present”: it’s so practical, yet so wonderful for relaxation :).

    Will toon into you blog, to know more about you and your oppinions and ideas about yoga, I am a recent yoga-student and still trying to find “the right thing” – which I found out recently that should be myself :).

    Take care and thanx again 4 the video – I wasn’t familiarized with the “yoga wall” concept. Will look into it.

    Warm hugs from Bucharest ..

  18. Hi Al
    Love your Yogawall!! Brilliant idea.
    I have some Yoga toes – i got them a couple of weeks ago – they stretch and space the toe joints and are great for arthritis – id like some for my fingers too.
    Thanks for your great site and the good vibes
    Om shanti !

  19. hey its great buddy just move a ahead ya its true have patience, keep up the hope that it may happen. know that whatever is good for will be given………ya its just not the yoga wall great man yap

  20. Yo Al, thanks for your generosity. I wish you well. Red

  21. Hi there, what an inpirational blog for the year..thank you, fear is the greatest enemy of progress,, and procrastination is its best friend….when we do tasks bit by bit in the begining the fear of doing is minimized, and the task in hand seems to be easier. Step by step will eventually lead to walk and run…what a wonderfull year, NAMASTE and all the best from

  22. the yoga wall.. wanna some :D

  23. Hi, Al………..I am writing from Bemidji, Minnesota, USA…….I found your site on the web and just want you to know how much I look forward to it and your emails. I have found it very uplifting and helpful. Thanks a lot!!! gc

  24. Hi Al, very good work. I can’t use yogatoe, my feet are very small like child. But it’s a very good therapy for stress for people. Yoga wall is very creative, and functional. Thanks for sharing. Namaste

  25. Happy new year, Al!. Yoga is a new discovery for me. After years of wrong beliefs about this discipline, I’m happy to have plunged into it. To go deeper and deeper will take some time, but the way is for me more important than the destination…Thanks to share your experiences of life and don’t stop doing it, please!. It’s a pleasure to receive news from you!. The best for you, from Argentina. Gabriela.

  26. Hi Al- thanks for the reminder that the power to change is withing each of us! You have obviously been growing and expanding your practice. The Yoga Wall is really cool! Thanks so much!


  27. We have a simple yoga wall at my studio but I never saw it used, look like real fun!

    brossard quebec canada

  28. Sir, It is wonderful to have the wall for supporting yoga pastures. It is never I heard it. Thanks for showing the new avenue. thanks once again. NamasivayamB

  29. What an awesome gift to give to yourself! I can think of the endless possibilities The yoga wall is truly amazing–taking yoga to another fascinating level. Where can I find more information about it? The wall and yoga toes are new to me! Thanks for the introduction. Peace and joy, love and light.

  30. Hi Al.
    I picked up a pair of Yoga toes for my wife and myself. We love them!
    We call them Yoga happy toes. :D Thanks for sharing…

  31. multumesc !