Are You in the “29 Forever” Club?


I turn 31 next month.

My mom always used to say, “Age is just a number.  You are as old as you feel.” She was definitely young at heart.  My teacher, Seane Corn, addresses the importance of aging with authenticity by refusing to allow her image to be photo-shopped on magazine covers.  My husband’s Aunt Ceal is 101 years old and still gives the firmest hugs out of the whole family.  I also know many leaders of the “29 Forever” club, and women that refuse to reveal their real age.  My point is, we all have a choice in how to perceive another birthday.  I know many people who choose to ignore that aging is happening, either out of fear or complete acceptance.

Living in my 20’s sometimes felt like a free pass– a time to make mistakes, learn new things, try out different jobs, hobbies and lifestyles.  It all seemed reversible, or forgivable, because I was still so young.  However, in the past year, I’ve noticed that people are expecting more of me– more wisdom, maturity and accountability.  And I find I’m expecting more of myself– taking charge of my physical and financial health, which seem to be universally pressing priorities. Many people start seriously thinking about settling into a career, marrying, buying a home and having kids at this time in life.  These are enormous, life altering adjustments.  So it makes sense that some personalities will embrace and conquer the shift into adulthood, and some will run, sprinting, in the other direction back to childhood– a simpler time when people expected less from them– fun, carefree times.

Maybe the best solution is to strike a balance.  And what better place to learn the intricate balance of work and play than on a yoga mat?

I started teaching seven years ago this month.  My life has felt very full and rewarding since I discovered yoga.  I feel overwhelmingly grateful that I got this far and that I didn’t have to get here alone.  I have a beautiful life, shared with outstandingly giving people.  Time on my mat has taught me so much about how to show up off the mat.  I’ve learned that I can create opportunities by simply being present, listening carefully and meditating on my intentions.  I don’t have to ignore that aging is happening because with more time in this body and mind, I have the opportunity to become a more empowered soul– dreaming, creating and growing with each passing birthday.

Yogasync Me!  Is your eyesight aging before it’s time?  Here’s a very unique sequence to help!

Yoga for Eyes

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