A Look Into Your Yoga Yummies: Part 1: Gorgeous Gojis

Yoga Yummies 1 - Goji Berriesop

In our written series of Yoga Yummies we will venture, with a light-hearted manner, to highlight the magic of chosen power foods, their consumption and origins – and, importantly, how they can invigorate us, bring energy and joy into our daily living while helping us to enliven our yoga routines.

Goji goodies – the origins

To kick-start our ventures in the world of charmed consumption, we should definitely glance upon the undeniably hip and healthy goji berry, the opulent queen of the power food phenomena. Lycium Barbarum, also referred to as wolfberry, grows in flower bundles that produce this delicious fruit. These bright little crumbs sprout from perennial plants and resemble raisins, only colored red with a light orange tan. They originate from China where they have been consumed for centuries, believed to aid in bringing a long and healthy, lustrous life.

Goji goodies – the vitamin essence

Dense in nutrition, these little power pumps contain amongst others a plentiful amount of beta carotene, an antioxidant also found in the orange veggie vessel, carrot. They act as a substantial source of vitamin B, that can help in reducing stress and aid the ever-important function of memory, as well as the ever-powerful vitamin C, a vivacious vitamin highly useful in boosting bodily resistance and shielding the immune system. Condensed in amino acids, full of marvelous minerals – aiding to maintain your eyesight, as you’d wish to see the wonders of the world concise and clear, as well as prolonging the physical tenure. In fact, the qualities of goji all come to play through an added enlivenment and a longevity of yoga performance.

Goji goodies – grow your own

Each gojiberry contains up 30 seeds, and you can grow your own gorgeous gojis in a simple big pot from seed. Firstly ensure to select the non-sundried specimens, and proceed by pouring around 30 berries into a bowl that you’ll fill with warm water, leaving them for around an hour – those that remain submerged, are good to grow. In only a couple of years you’ll have a beautifully blooming goji plant to gather the plentiful harvest, and in any case to try it is fun!

Goji goodies – eat & enjoy!

The best way to consume gojis, found from the shelf of any well-equipped convenience store, is by simply eating them as such – according to a Chinese saying, consuming a good handful of these bustling berries in the morning will make you happy all day. You can also try out adding them to your tea, porridge, risotto or salad, or using your mixer to whirl up a power smoothie consisting of spirulina, soy milk and banana, decorating your smoothie with a generously sprinkled doze of these ravishing reds. Gojify your yoga!


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