4 Yoga Poses for Superior Sex and Health



“We are formed by what we do. It is our actions that ultimately make us. What we do slowly becomes the creator of our lives and our souls. What we are doing in life decides how we are creating ourselves. What our behavior is in life decides the directions our soul will travel, the paths it will move on, the new worlds it will explore.”

– Osho, Sex Matters: From Sex to Superconsciousness

We Are Beings of Love, and Sex Matters

Some of the typical attitudes towards sex today is that it remains crude in common discussion, as though it is something that can only be discussed in the company of close friends, away from the young before the “proper” age of sex education (if at all depending on the country), joked about, and even demonized and condemned. What is an inarguable truth is that none of us would be here on this earth without sex, and in a world of appearances versus reality and questioning authenticity, sex remains the most natural, beautiful thing for all of us. And yes, it feels great, dammit.

One of the highest forms of expression of love is sexual, and can be found in Tantric practices (although it is only a small part of the whole that encompasses Tantra, even if most people giggle and assume Tantra refers mainly/only to the sexual component of it). An analogy used by spiritual teacher, (and controversial figure) Osho, described sex as a gateway to the Divine, to consider the sexual imagery of the men and women outside the old temple reliefs. That longing and desire to unite physically is an expression of that emptiness that is literally filled by sex, Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva, or the masculine and feminine aspects. But upon entering the temple, the sexual imagery lessens, because you are with the Divine—you are beyond the physical and suddenly in the emotional, mental, and sacred realm. In other words, sexuality and the divine were inseparable.

Sex and Power: Without Sex, What?

Whoever controls the social views on sex controls a large part of a society’s psyche. Demonize sex by creating fear, and you take away not only people’s happiness, but deny a fundamental part of human nature. Sex itself is not power over others, but a power in and of itself, even stepping away from spirituality, because we are biologically inclined to reproduce for the sake of our species’ survival, and that is why we are universally stimulated by sex, even when repressed or censored.

Besides, it is a fact that sex stimulates the body to release endorphins, oxytocin and vasopressin, amongst others, to help you relax, and thus makes you happy. Being happy makes you healthy, while, unsurprisingly, good health makes it easier to be happy.

Whatever your beliefs towards sex are (both publicly and privately, mind you), having good reproductive health is tied to a healthy body; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A Few Techinques for Improved Sexual Function

While there are volumes of texts and arguments promoting sexuality and sexual openness, you can delve into those on your own time, but in the meanwhile, why not try out a few great yoga tricks for improved sexual health—namely improving impotence?

Here are four moves that are recommended by the Iyengar teachings for dealing with impotence, which, as an unsurprising benefit, improve your sex drive.

1. Couch Pose

2. Crocodile Pose

3. Side Bow Pose

4. Marichi The Sage Pose I

We urge caution for the increased sex drive that results from yoga!

Yogasync me! Looking for more ways to improve your sex drive? Increase blood flow with a variety of twists, bends, and more in this sync:

Poses For Superior Sexual Stamina

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