4 Ways Yoga Helps You Heal


Aside from the typical view of impossibly flexible yogis tying themselves up in knots, most people know that yoga provides benefits for all when practiced regularly. In the western world, there is a lack of focus on the importance of keeping the body flexible and yet, tight hamstrings and an inflexible spine can restrict movement, causing unnecessary pain and, can even add years to your age in the eyes of others.

Regular and gentle practice can loosen up the body quickly and almost effortlessly. General aches and pains will also start to disappear and your sense of satisfaction at seeing and feeling your body become more flexible is quite something. Your posture will improve, you will move with greater ease and others will notice. It’s quite empowering to stand and to sit taller or to move without feeling restricted by your own body.

Avoid Arthritic Conditions or Bone Degeneration

But yoga isn’t all about increasing suppleness; there are postures to strengthen your muscles and to protect your joints. Importantly, strength does not lose out to suppleness because yoga provides the body with a balanced regime. Many of the postures protect against degenerative diseases such as arthritis, but the gentle movements also ensure fresh nutrients are received throughout and yoga protects the joint cartilage which often wears out when not protected. Bone health is not overlooked either, weight-bearing exercise can help to ward off diseases such as osteoporosis, which is considered a condition experienced only by the elderly, although this is not true. When practicing postures such as downward and upward facing dog, it can strengthen bones, while the stress relieving element of yoga may also help to lower the stress hormone cortisol and to keep calcium within the bones.

Promote Back Health

With an estimated 4 out of every 5 adults suffering from back pain at some point in their lives, it makes sense to keep the spine supple and strong. The discs of your spine act as shock absorbers and need regular movement which is why a well-planned out practice, and by incorporating forward and backward bends along with side twists, will serve to keep your spine younger and stronger than ever before.

Promote your Immunity

Yoga helps your lymph glands too. When you start your session, know that these gentle movements and holds at the extended position of each posture will be helping to increase lymph drainage and as this system helps to destroy cancerous cells and to combat infection, you are boosting your immune system as you enjoy each pose.

Weight Matters

Yoga helps to control your weight by addressing any eating problems. As you start to feel better in your mind and body, eating disorders can gradually settle as you start to feel the connection between eating nutritious foods and body health. Yoga can also improve metabolic rate helping you to shed those pounds.

Yoga, unlike most exercise regimes, provides a holistic approach to life. It strengthens the body and improves flexibility, but it also aids on a spiritual level by opening up the mind, reducing stress and anxieties and empowering the individual. Even the most inflexible of individuals find great benefit within the yoga postures and many have overcome medical conditions or improved depression and alleviated sadness by turning the attention inward and truly living through the body’s progression.

Yogasync me! Open up your groin and hamstrings and lengthen your glutes and spine in this overall body healing sync:

Healing and Drifting Away

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