3 Amazing Sounds and Their Little Known Benefits for Health


Aum - Aligning the physical and calming the mental

Chanting is as old as the ages and spans many cultures. The use of chanting could be for spiritual enlightenment or on the battle field and in a more modern world even in the sport arena.  A chant can be the repetition of a sound a word or phrase, or the name of a god.

In this article we will be talking about AUM. (ॐ) In many books we find AUM written as OM.

The word AUM is a single syllable but when chanting it properly one time, with each exhalation each letter has its own sound which changes the focus of the vibration. Continuing smoothly, rhythmically focusing on the breath and vibration helps remove external and internal mental distractions and leaves you feeling relaxed and calm; a perfect state for meditation.

While many associate chanting AUM with a spiritual connection there is sound reasoning for doing so beyond this concept. Chanting AUM properly produces vibrations in the body which helps on a physical level by stimulating organs and glands, focusing on the sounds timed with the breath help reduce your heart rate which causes a calming effect that also relaxes the mind or the mental state.

Information on pronunciation

The correct pronunciation or sound with proper breathing and ratio (A:U:M::3:2:1).  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM

First I will take you through and describe each letter or sound and when practicing or following these instructions you will be working with one sound at a time, when comfortable you will combine these sounds sitting in a lotus position or cross leg and in one continues exhalation form a proper AUM. The ratio should be A:U:M::3:2:1.

1 – OOOOO)

Inhale deeply through your nose, fill your belly like a balloon then open your mouth and exhale making the first sound OOOOOO. Contain the sound in the throat so you can feel the vibration. To feel this place your index and middle finger on your throat as shown in picture below.

Benefits- it cleans the windpipe and esophagus (food pipe) and helps balance the thyroid hormones.


2 –  U sound for uuuuuuuuuuuuu

Open your lips like when whistling and while exhaling uuuuuuuuu feeling the vibration now more to the side.

Benefits- cleansing of ear canal and upper throat.



3 – Letter M sound for ummmmmmmmmmm

Through closed lips make the sound ummmmmmmmm

Vibration should be felt in the chest and lung area.

Benefits-Cleaning the Alveoli where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange happens. When we inhale we inhale pollution and particles with the air and this can create a layer around the Alveoli which can cause breathing problems, chest pain and lung related disease.



Now all together:

Sit down in a cross leg position, spine and back straight, eyes closed, both palms on top of your knees, palms facing up. Index finger and thumb touching. Inhale and exhale deeply a few times to prepare yourself, when ready on the next exhale start with ooooooo slowly come to uuuuuu and than ummm, slowly blend from first letter to second and second to third making the transition from each as smooth as possible

Remember the ratio should be A:U:M::3:2:1 and as you progress a rhythm will develop but in the beginning you may need to focus to ensure the effect of all three letters..

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