For those of us submerged in the Western culture of Christmas and New Year celebrations, it can be tempting to miss your practice over the holidays.  Busy timetables, distant relatives, lots of travel, there are many things to raise the tension over the holidays and there will always be excuses to miss your practice (see 22 TOP EXCUSES TO MISS YOUR YOGA PRACTICE, PLUS 7 TELLING OFF’S AND 7 INFALLIBLE WAYS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!).   With the bigger picture in mind, it makes sense to decide on your holiday practice, make a resolve to stick to and JUST DO IT!  Keep in mind these reasons to Yoga over the holidays.

Yogic Eating

  • Avoid headaches!  Inversions after over indulging in food or alcohol could send the toxins rushing to your head.  Stay clean for a painless vacation.

  • Staying near as possible to your regular mindful, healthy eating and you won’t be as vulnerable to ingesting as many toxic sugary foods and alcohol at parties.

  • You get to share and inspire others with healthy, hearty meals. Stuck for ideas? How about this tasty 13 minute side dish Vegetable Quinoa 


  • Be ready to keep building on your practice in 2014 without needing to regain what you lost over the holidays.

  • Keep Energized!  Even if you burn the candle at both ends during the silly season, your yoga practice can uplift you in minutes.  Sun salutes anyone?

  • Strength moves like planks, soak up excess blood glucose from sugary treats and alcohol.  Try crocodile pose to increase your insulin sensitivity (that’s a good thing;) 

  • Dare to be different! -Get healthier instead of bloated and lethargic over Christmas.

  • Brrrrrr if you live in a wintry Christmas climate then keep moving with flows to keep your internal heating boosted!


  • Why undo good habits and cause a struggle for you to get back into routine? Just stick with it!  Try this super feel good morning practice to keep things going

  • Look forward to the well-deserved sense of pride and achievement that comes from sticking to what you know’s best for you.

  • Yoga gives you a clear and strong mind when socializing with people that may not share your healthy lifestyle choices.


  • Be Happy!  Yogic breathe to stay calm and centered. 

  • Yoga is a great excuse for some ‘me’ time during the chaos!  Treat yourself and easily squeeze in an express practice to soothe your soul.

  • Be less reactive to unavoidable visitors when irritation arises.

  • Hanging out with your Yoga pals during the festive period is a great way to ground yourself. Stay in touch,  inspire others whilst sharing your joys and frustrations on our Facebook page

  • Whilst the holiday experiences and elated emotions come and go, yoga is your friend for life.  Don’t neglect your constant companion these holidays!


  •  With all the external stimuli it would be easy to lose focus of your true nature over the holidays.  Keep your practice, and use online guided meditations to treat yourself to an internal holiday sanctuary every day of the year.

  • Share the gift of Yoga.  Treat enthusiastic friends or family to a shared practice and contribute to their health and the global spread of Yoga and expansion of consciousness J

  • Why throw away the full benefits of your established practice?  Patanjali writes of spiritual maturity being reached when you have a practice that remains uninterrupted,  that you do not stray from, no matter what life brings (Sutras 13 and 14, Four Chapters on Freedom, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Publications Trust)

Not everybody celebrates Christmas and New Year.  We can all treat each and every day as sacred and celebratory by remaining true to our Yoga Journeys, showing compassion towards ourselves and others and remaining unaffected by all the hype.  Yoga.  Not just for Christmas.

Yogasync Me!  Commit to gift yourself this yoga class three times a week and see how you breeze through the festivities!

Pick Me Up Yoga!

Join The Conversation:  How do you sneak your Yoga into the Holidays?

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Claire Bhavani-Winzar is a Certified Women's Health & Nutrition Coach, and Yoga Alliance 500 Registered Yoga Teacher. Her favourite work is with women who find themselves frazzled and rushed - using hormonal balancing strategies that are proven to work. Previous incarnations have been a physical trainer, supporting people with chronic medical conditions to their best health; a pharma rep and a genetic sequencer on the Human Genome Project. Claire has made a lifelong study of positive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth - she studied it so you don't have to. Claire brings you the best nuggets of information to propel you back to health, plus the 200% enthusiasm in YOU so that you can spend you time doing what you do best: living a happier, vibrant, satisfying life with your family. Healthy Lifestyle Workshops, Yoga Prescription and Women's Circles. Visit www.thesistahood.org to access yoga videos, health education, your free coaching session, and your Sistahood Community.

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