Your Yoga Playlist for Yoga at Home


Suggestions for styles and genres of music to play while practicing at Home

Most, if not all yoga classes involve music. Traditionally, yoga classes have featured some kind of Indian inspired music that involves yogic chanting. However, in recent years and as yoga has flourished in popularity, the “rules” of yoga music have begun to break.

Some yogis and instructors still prefer the traditional chants for their practice and classes and that is perfectly wonderful. There is something to be said about those slow, deep melodies and their affect on a rich practice. But if you are a casual yogi or looking for something to spice up your practice, choosing some new musical accompaniment might be just what the doctor ordered!

Here are some ideas for what types of contemporary tunes to choose along with the yoga style and goal they match best:

 Relaxation & Restorative Yoga – Indie Singer/Songwriter

This may be the hardest type of yoga to depart from the traditional Indian chants. There are so many great singer/songwriters out there today and if you don’t have any that immediately come to mind, you are sure to find the perfect match to your practice with just a little bit of research. From acoustic guitar to piano, these artists produce calm and relaxing tunes often accompanied with relatable musing lyrics. To really perfect your relaxing yoga playlist, set a goal or a theme for your practice. Whether it’s “finding the beauty in nature” or “accepting yourself,” you can use that as a starting off point to find music that will evoke thought and take you back to your goal or theme throughout your class. says Restore and Revive with this wonderfully balancing sequence

Restore and Revive Me


Sun Salutation – Light Pop

Sun Salutation is one of the classic most common flows in yoga. By itself, Sun Salutations are usually associated with the morning and welcoming the rising sun of a new day. Sun Salutes involve eight separate poses, which are usually repeated 2-5 times. When creating a music playlist for a Sun Salutation or a class that incorporates a Sun Salute along with other morning and welcoming type poses, think light, happy, and fun. Whether you’re a fan of modern pop or opt for a more vintage vibe, these types of songs will help you welcome the sun and start your day off in a good mood! (Fun Tip: “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles is quite possibly the most perfect song to start off any Sun Salutation playlist!) says try this morning flow with variations of Sun Salutation to perk you up alongside your happy songs

Morning Practice with Sun Salutes


Power Yoga – Hard Rock & Hip Hop

This intense form of yoga is focused on fitness and involves a more rapid flow and challenging postures. If you’re looking for a real workout, similar to other dance and aerobic classes, this is for you. Like these other forms of exercise, a power yoga class will likely be more open to modern, faster music than the slower, more relaxing yoga classes. If you’re looking for a hardcore practice, a strong playlist full of intense hard rock songs will inspire you to keep pushing and power through your flow. For something a bit more urban and contemporary, a soulful collection of hip hop songs from artists like Beyoncé, Kanye West, and more will make your practice even more fun. Fair warning, many songs from both of these genres can often cross the line by delivering less than desirable messages. Do your homework when making these playlists and be sure that not only will your song choices help you physically but also inspire you lyrically!

Yogasync says try this for a Powerful Class!

Powerful Yoga


Basic Flow – Classic Rock

If specified classes like power and restorative aren’t your thing or you’re just in the mood for a classic yoga flow, a great way to switch it up is with the perfect playlist! To create your own flow you can easily pick a collection of some of your favorite songs, but keeping to a theme or at least injecting a certain type of music. Classic Rock is a vast genre with multiple subgenres making it a great area to pull from for your basic class. Light and easy to start, followed by an up-tempo, deep middle, and rounding out with slow meditative tunes with substantial lyrics for Shavasana. Artists like the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and many, many more can make countless playlists for all ages!

Yogasync says check look out for our brand new Vinyasas!

Did you Know?  Yogasync plays you optional sounds to accompany your yoga.  Just look for the play arrow to the right, underneath the video.  Click on the musical note icon to change to sounds.

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