Wish You Were Raising A ‘Lil Yogi Rather Than A Hellion

Yoga For Kidsop

Do you find yourself wishing your kid would just Nama-STAY where they’re at?

Your dreams may not be so far-fetched after all! Yoga studios and schools offer yoga classes for children as well as adults. Kid’s yoga can be more than just a fun activity for your child; it can also have life-long benefits.

Increased physical strength and improved flexibility are well-known benefits of yoga. However, yoga also helps to improve balance and the ability to focus, which are important for children of all ages. Learning to balance your center of gravity is helpful to young children who are still developing gross motor skills and older children who are experiencing a period of rapid physical growth. Young children and teens are notorious for short attention spans and antsy temperaments. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can increase their ability to relax their body and focus their mind.

Om for Your Little One

Yoga can also improve a child’s ability to react calmly in stressful situations and boost their self-confidence. Yoga teaches deep breathing techniques that can help slow the heart rate and regulate blood pressure. Children that have practiced relaxation techniques are more likely to incorporate them into their daily lives. Yoga also places an emphasis on self-expression and acceptance. These concepts are imperative in developing the self-confidence needed to navigate the often awkward and emotional adolescent years.

The most important benefit of yoga for youth is the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle. With child obesity becoming increasingly common, it is important to teach our children to respect and care for their bodies through healthy eating and exercise. Yoga is a fun way to keep your child active, focused and confident. The health benefits of physical exercise with the calming effects of practicing meditation are the perfect combination for a healthy, well balanced child. Not to mention a happy, stress-free parent!

Yogasync Me!  Here’s something for the parents….in ten minutes bring yourself peace.  And this is short enough that if you can’t lose the kids for ten minutes, their attention span may well cope with this.  Give it a whirl and see what you think!

I’ll Be Calm In Ten Minutes

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