Why am I So Tired? 6 Common Physical Reasons and Remedies


Want to Feel Vibrant?

Its not unusual to feel like you’re dragging yourself through parts, or even all of the day.  The causes could be physical, mental, emotional, or more likely a bend of them all!  Here’s some common reasons and how to to manage them so that you live a more refreshing and revitalized life.

1 – You haven’t had enough sleep

People leading busy, emotionally and mentally stressful lifestyles need a decent sleep EVERY night.  If you’re commonly feeling tired and overwhelmed, it’s time to stop staying up on Facebook and attending endless community groups (they truly will survive without you).  Take a good look and what’s eating up your time and then decide:  Sleep or something else?  It really can be as simple as that, and its your CHOICE.  Establish yourself in a good routine, allowing you at least 9 hours in the bed, at least 8 sleeping.

2 – Your  Blood Glucose Zooms Around like a Rocket

You admit your eating habits leave a lot to be desired.  No wonder.  You’re tired with an imbalance of hormones that control stress (eg cortisol) and hunger (eg leptin), and more likely to eat foods that give you hormonal and energy highs (caffeine and sugar)…then the crash.  If you’re stuck in this cycle then chip away at positive change, starting with breakfast:

Do you eat cereal and/or wheat toast for breakfast with coffee?  Blood glucose zooms up making you high as a kite…lovely until you smack down again.  For consistently raised energy levels, experiment switching to a couple of eggs with a piece of gluten free toast, real butter.  If you’re still hungry then add a protein shake.  In a hurry?  Try natural yogurt with LSA/Seeds sultanas and oats.  Make the coffee half strength or have a tea.

3 – You Lack Nutrients

You cannot get away without feeding the body enough vitamins and minerals that it requires for every day for optimum function (namely vegetables) . Without enough iodine, the thyroid can’t function properly; you can feel slow, lethargic and like you’re thoughts are moving through mud.  Tiredness will come with a lowered immune system, difficulty breathing, and low mood as well.  Women in particular need to be mindful of iron.

Make sure you eat a rainbow of well washed fruits and vegs every week.  Back yourself up with a good green supplement like organic spirulina tablets, kelp powder for iodine, a multivitamin and a bioavailable iron supplement for the ladies.

4 – You’re toxic and/or dehydrated

Pesticides on veggies, man-made additives in processed foods, heavy metals in cleaning products food and air, medications and even the chemicals in skin and hair products.  All of these things contain substances that are unrecognizable and unusable to your body.  The liver is the second largest organ in the body (skin comes in first) and works hard to process the toxic build up – but this zaps energy that could be used for living vibrantly!

Toxins reside in fatty tissues of the body, if you are trying to lose weight then this fat will be stubborn until you have detoxed the toxins from fat cells.  A simple way to do this is take 5 organic chlorella tablets morning and night and drink plenty of filtered water.  Flush the body, flush the fat.  Reduce toxicity by checking the ingredients (if you can’t even pronounce it, don’t use it), look for products that have a high % of organic ingredient or just one ingredient, like coconut oil for cooking and as a night-time moisturizer, wash fruit and veggies well to take off pesticides and choose non GMO labeled products, including grains.

5 – You’re breathing into your chest

Shallow breathing in the chest all day long is not the way nature intended.  It switches on the sympathetic part of your nervous system.  This means stress response!  So of course you’re tired if you’re stress breathing all day.  SEVEN deep breaths, into and completely out of the lungs, will make a difference you cannot believe!

6 – Your gut flora is all mixed up

There’s mounting evidence that an analysis of your gut flora can diagnose poor mental well-being and diabetes and more.  Naturopaths have been telling us for years that we can positively affect our health by balancing the gut flora.  Make your own naturally probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kefir, see a naturopath or take some probiotics if this could be you.  Try it for a month and see what happens.

The reasons for fatigue can be complex and multilevel, HOWEVER!..make one small change today, sustain it for some weeks and see how you respond, you will be shocked!  Don’t take my word for it, experiment with yourself.  Do let us know how you get on.  Sharing your experiences could change someone else’s life for the good.

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Yogasync Me!  Got an hour before the kids come home? First make the decision whether to sleep, meditate or move the body. Determined to move your body?  Try this sequence with variations of Sun Salutations and poses that will allow you to deepen the breath and regain some focus:

 Yoga For the Sleep Deprived

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