When Introverts and Yoga Meet


Shyness and Pliableness

Is talking to yourself preferable to talking with another? Would you rather be slapped across the face with a swordfish than ‘paired-up’ with strangers at a class or workshop? When you think of Robinson Crusoe on his desert island, do you think “the jammy b*****d!”  If these statements ring true for you, chances are you are an introvert.

Being an Introvert..

…is merely the opposite of being an extrovert. Instead of bursting, blowing and exploding, you like slinking, sidling and gently glowing. Neither is right or wrong, they’re simply different. Thankfully, in the world of yoga, there’s room for everyone. Nowadays, with advances in technology, online home yoga websites, and other online resources enable yoga enthusiasts to follow a practice in the comfort of their own homes. This may particularly appeal to the wallflower-type who would rather any bodily sounds, as a result of the wind-relieving pose, to occur in their living-room and heard only by their potted cactus than in the company of twenty budding-enlightened-ones in a silent yoga studio. They also can be assured that in reaching out their arms in 5-pointed star position they won’t be playing patty-fingers with another classmate.

The Aloneness of Practice

Regardless of where you practice yoga, even if it’s in a tiny room crammed with sweaty participants, you are always alone – this deeply personal practice is, first and foremost, about your relationship with yourself. Yoga offers you increased confidence, strength and self-acceptance before it extends them, through you, to others.

You can’t help but connect with others by doing yoga because yoga fosters love, for oneself and for others. The word ‘yoga’ means ‘bring together’ ‘unite’. You can give the world a metaphorical group hug from the mat and never have to make eye-contact with anyone. One way of doing this is by incorporating a loving-kindness (metta) meditation into one’s yoga practice. This is where we say/offer loving affirmations to ourselves, to loved ones, to the world or to people who we do not get along with. Many examples are available online; here is a short sample;

May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I be whole. May I be free.

May my loved ones be happy. May my loved ones be healthy. May my loved ones be whole. May my loved ones be free.

May my mother-in-law be happy. May my mother-in-law be healthy. May my mother-in-law be whole. May my mother-in-law be free.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings be whole. May all beings be free.

With a loving-kindness practice we are inadvertently being social by celebrating the sameness of all mankind.We are reaching out, uplifting and embracing. It is an act of radical love and forgiveness which can be enjoyed by introverts, extroverts and Robinson Crusoe’s alike.


Yogasync Me!  Here’s a one hour practice for all levels, for any person who would like to develop their confidence:

Movements and Meditation for Confidence


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Rose Servitova is an Irish writer - mother of two, wife of one. She has been practicing yoga for 8 years and writing since she started school. Trained as a Life-Coach and Reiki practitioner, she has also attended workshops on Meditation, Creative Non-fiction, Storytelling, Feldenkrais and Gestalt principles. One of Rose’s favourite pastimes is travelling. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and would travel inside a bag of coal if she thought it would give her a new perspective on life. She likes when humor and personal growth meet, generally looking for the ridiculous in life – having been influenced by her father’s mantra “Sure, if we don’t laugh, we’d cry.” Her aim in life is to become extremely profound. Rose can be contacted at - [email protected]

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