Take In a Thirlling Triangle in Less Than Two Minutes

Utthita Trikonasana - Triangle Pose Hand On Shin

Experience Triangle in new ways, with these simple and highly effective tips.

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Video Transcript:

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Triangle Pose Hand on Shin

Today’s tip of the day is trikonasana or triangle pose. What I’ve done here is set up a strip along the mat to help with the foot alignment, so that the front heel is in line with the back instep.

If we look down at Soraya’s right foot, we can see the toes are pointing back toward the wall. If she press her right heel into the floor, picks up the toes, keeps turning them in about 15 degrees. Keep turning, keep turning, keep going, keep going, yup, that’s it, and now, presses the right foot to the floor.

Soraya’s gone a little bit too deep into the pose. You can see that this left buttock’s our flying out, the right hip’s coming slightly coming forward. We’ll give her adjustment. If she brings her left hand up the leg slightly, extend up into her until her fingertips, now presses the left foot to the floor, presses the right foot to the floor, the whole alignment throughout the body and spine is now a lot better.

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