Universal Silence Interrupted by a Fart


The Joy of Yoga

Many people are reluctant to try yoga because they believe that it is for people that are serious and spiritual. While people who live their lives in a spiritual way often do practice yoga, the reality is that it’s practiced by people from all walks of life, with all manner of beliefs. Just as with any other form of exercise, yoga brings together people that are different except for the common goal of self-improvement through yoga practice.

Yoga is beneficial for everyone and can help with aches and pains, flexibility and muscle stiffness; it also calms the noisy little monkey in your mind that sometimes you just can’t seem to shut up. Yoga benefits mind and body and believe it or not, sometimes your stomach and jaw muscles from laughing so much during your practice.

Universal Silence….

The yoga sessions that pass by in total silence, where everyone is in the zone; totally in tune with the poses, their breath and the stillness of their minds are amazing. They create a bond between classmates that is hard to explain; you have to experience it to understand it. We are all connected through the universe; if want a less spiritual take on this then ask a physicist, they will tell you exactly the same thing. Practicing yoga in a room with other people really brings this connection to life.

Sometimes the classes where you end up collapsed in fits of laughter, yes they do happen, are even better. You bond and benefit in a different way; laughter is another great way to promote relaxation.

…Wind Releasing Pose

So if yoga is so serious then how do classes end up leaving people doubled up with laughter? Sometimes someone falls out of a pose, easily done, especially when you are just starting out or when the class has been together a while and the instructor moves you to the next level. Yoga is about progression, not perfection; falling out of a pose, losing balance or even getting stuck in a pose, crab anyone, is nothing to worry about. These scenarios can give yourself and your classmates a giggle.

The moment we all fear though is getting too relaxed and next thing you know you’ve loudly passed some gas, try keeping a straight face when that happens. It’s hardly surprising that this happens, given that a lot of yoga poses involve bending, stretching or lying on your stomach. Total embarrassment aside, passing gas is a good sign; it means you are getting into the poses, pushing yourself and most importantly, relaxing.

Many people worry about this happening, socially it can be mortifying. In a yoga class the rules are different. It happens to everyone at some point; it shouldn’t stop you trying such a beneficial form of exercise.

When practicing yoga you are cleansing your mind and sometimes it just goes off to a funny place and you find yourself grinning like a Cheshire cat or laughing out loud. How amazing is it that you can enter a room full of the stresses of your day, then leave it feeling on top of the world and full of peace, fun and laughter?

Yoga for Improved Digestion!

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