Too Busy for Yoga? 5 Surefire Ways to Get Yours!

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Tips for Balancing Your Practice with Everyday Life

It can seem like there simply isn’t enough time for yoga. Going to class means travel time, as well as the class itself, plus showering and changing. Even practicing at home requires time and space set aside, and often times it can even prove harder to shut off from distractions. Schedules are busy, days are filled, and free time is valuable – in many cases, the most challenging part of a yoga practice is simply getting oneself to it. However, the benefits of a regular yoga practice are amazing for the mind and body, and will, in the long run, serve to make your life feel more balanced and less hectic. It is a gift to yourself and to your well being to make yoga a priority. Here are some tips for the busy yogi:

1. Plan Ahead: If yours is a work week that packs the day planner, going to classes whenever you feel probably isn’t an option. Make a goal (class twice a week, for example) and then literally add yoga to your schedule. Write it down, plan for it like you would a meeting, and consider it a commitment. Work yoga into the rhythm of your other job-related activities and then be your own boss and hold yourself accountable for appointments.

2. Talk About It: If you’ve just picked up a yoga practice, tell people in your life about it! Chances are you are feeling great and excited to share, but this also helps keep you motivated; the more people are checking in to ask how yoga is going, the more you will want to go so you can answer, “great!”

3. Online Classes: These are great for a home practice when going to a physical class isn’t possible because of time, location, money or personal fears. Pick from ten minute to 2 hour classes, work on specific poses, or choose to focus on toning, relaxation, or sports performance.  Online membership is less than the cost of a single class, and if you pick the highest quality teachings, you’ll know that you’re practicing safely and correctly.  With online yoga you can squeeze it in around kids and work, and you can even invite friends for a free class.

4. Vision Board: Creating something visual that you see daily is a great way to stay motivated. Cut out images from a yoga magazine and stick them to your refrigerator, or change the background on your computer to a favorite asana. Anything that keeps yoga in your line of sight, so it is never far from your mind.

5. Forgive Yourself: As with anything, if you find that you are failing to keep up with your yoga goals, relax and forgive yourself. Just start again – every day is a new opportunity to re-shape your life!

Yogasync me! Having a hard time fitting yoga into your busy schedule? Click here to start with a quick 30 minute session:

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