Tickle Your Creative Conscience with Yoga

Tickle Your Creative Conscienceop

Creativity and Human Being

Human beings are the most creative creation of the Creator. When a human child is born, it brings with it little wings of creativity which take the flight afterwards. Simple as it may sound, this extraordinary feature does not emerge so easily. The conscious and subconscious of the mind along with the world around play a very vital role in shaping up the creative mind and determining it’s show time. To create, one must understand the difference between being a creation and a creator. Moreover, to create, one has to detach himself from the “self” i.e. the ego to free the mind from its control.

Creative Conscience, its Barriers, and the Way Outs

In reality, creative conscience is more often than not bogged down by mind’s concentration over convention. To experience the joy of creativity, one needs to get rid of any negative emotions which can stand as hindrances in the path of enjoying the creative pleasures. The pattern of following norms in order to achieve materialistic gains, not trying something new in fear of losing something tangible, and the nature of copying others in fear of making a wrong choice keeps a person some miles away from interacting with their creative conscience. Now, when a person is free from such mundane fears and mere calculations of loss and profit, he or she can connect to his or her creative self and engage in creation without an expectation. Practicing yoga and meditation gradually open up the mind, body, and soul from such shackles of mundane fears through ethereal enlightenment. Hence yoga is a way that can help attain such a state of mind where the mind is without any fear and ready to dive in the ocean of creativity.

Moreover, human beings are, by nature, self-centered. We are bound in a cage called “ego” that blinds us to view the world at large, to embrace others’ perspectives in order to defend our own thoughts and ideas. We tend to reject any idea that is foreign to our brain or contradict with our views. Thus, we end up choking our creative conscience and promise to close our eyes and ears to prevent any foreign notions coming in. To open the closed door of human mind and to let the free air of this universe pass in, one needs to connect with the inner self as well as the world within. Yoga opens the clogged pores of mind and prepares it to receive everything with equal openness.

According Sean Feit, a yoga teacher and a researcher of Performance Studies at University of California, “the universe expresses itself as spontaneous creative energy; the task of the yogic artist is mostly just to get out of the way.” Yes, the inner noise often distracts the mind from feeling the finest detailing of the world, its colors, sounds, shades, and movements. Practicing yoga for a longer period of time, awakens that intuition and open the eyes which can look deeper into earthly objects and dig out their out of the world features which are otherwise non-existent to naked eyes.

Yogic Solution for a Better Creative Conscience

To tickle the creative buds, engross yourself in true yogic sadhana. Practice Pranayama, Dhyana or meditation and Asanas to develop and nurture the creative self. Chanting mantra prior to any creative work can also help building that connection with the deeper world. Practicing yoga in the morning is also considered a helpful way to boost up the dormant creative conscience.

Yoga ignites a heightened sensitivity and perceptiveness which in turn refine the artistic skills as it let the person see this world with a different pair of eyes.

Yogasync Me!  Yoga and Creativity are an inspired combination!  An open body can only lead to an open and receptive mind for your creative endevours.  Don’t take our word for it….try this moderate Yogasync, or any yoga at all and let us know what happens!

Yoga to Receive Creativity

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