The Secrets of A Champion Warrior

Warrior 2 – Virabhadrasana 2

Want to get the fullest out of Warrior?  Warrior 2 has the capacity to strengthen and tone the the ankles, legs and buttocks, improve posture, expand the lungs and tone the arms….watch this to feel the big difference a subtle tweak can  make.

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Video transcript:

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Warrior 2

Today’s tip is warrior 2 pose. Now, for this pose, it’s quite a strong pose, hence the name warrior. Soraya has got to bend her left knee a little bit more. If you notice, now that the knee is coming forward of the ankle bone, so Soraya has to bring her left foot forward.

I’ll show another common mistake. If Soraya brings her left toe too far forward, then comes back to bending the knee, you have to bring it in further forward, you can see that now the shin bone is on an angle into the ankle. This is pulling undue pressure in the joints. So if Soraya brings here heel back to my finger, and then bends the knee, press your right foot to the floor strongly, keeping your left knee bent.

Another common problem is the torso will come too forward and I’m sure Soraya’s going, “This leg, my left leg is overworking.” If she comes back with the torso into the midline of the body, and presses this right foot strongly to the floor, this right thigh will press back. Just draw your belly button in, Soraya. Draw your bellybutton in, that’s it.

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