The Scoop on Yoga Part 2 – Yoga Storms Hollywood!

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Welcome back to the best new series on famous yogis!

Presumably you’ve got clean underwear on after watching part one?  

Here we will examine and showcase some famous folks who have, at the least, dabbled in yoga, and at the most, preached the virtues of the ancient practice to one and all. Fear not, this isn’t going to be simply a fluff roundup of folks like Britney Spears’ or David Beckham’s experiences with yoga. (But there will be a few nods to some well-known glitterati, I mean; after all, it is sort of interesting to know we share something cool with a media A-Lister).

What do Michelle Williams, Robert Downey Jr, and US Cabinet Ministers have in common?

To start things off, our girl Brit, seems to be quite the devotee. According to the Huffington Post, she proclaimed last year “I’m doing a lot of yoga right now. It’s like my go-to between all anxiety and everything.” But more than just talk about yoga, Spears shared several of her favorite yoga poses, and the body areas those asanas targeted, in the June 2013 issue of Shape magazine.  She looked good, and I must admit, I’m jealous of her bow pose.

Other vocal artists like Alanis Morissette, Jon Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and  Maroon Five’s Adam Levine all practice yoga for their breath control, AND sanity. In interview, Morissette said (when asked what she loved most about yoga),

It gives me a great microcosmic snapshot, a clear picture of what’s going on in my life. If I push myself on the mat, it’s likely I’m pushing myself off the mat as well—a cue to be gentle. When I don’t practice, there’s a lack of checking in on my part. How I approach my time on the mat gives me a glimpse of my needs. It’s a great invitation to tune in to what’s really going on.

These Celebs Choose Yoga to Cope With Life

While some of us possibly look at celebrities doing yoga as just a PR stunt, or something they might not take seriously, for many, it is vitally important to them. Actor Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek, Brokeback Mountain, Oz, the Great and Powerful) is a co-founder of the “Yoga for Single Mom’s” project in Boston, MA. Williams had said that yoga helped her cope after the death of her boyfriend Heath Ledger, and acknowledged that many single moms might not have the abilities to afford childcare if they wanted to take yoga classes. Yoga for Single Moms provides both the classes and the childcare for free.

Other actors have been practitioners for many years like Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downy Jr., and Russell Brand. Like Williams, Brand has taken it further, and has taken Yoga Teacher Training classes, with the goal of opening a studio for those working on addiction and recover issues.

Next in The Scoop on Yoga

Look for the upcoming scoop on athletes and other notables (a former U.S. Cabinet member) who have benefited from the wonderful practice of yoga.

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Celebrity Butt Yoga

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