The Oneness of Unconsciousness

The Oneness Of Unconop

We All Want to Live in an Enlightened World

Imagine a world where people control their governments, where a sustainable economy allows nature and people to flourish; however you envisage Utopia, this is purely fiction for most.
The search for oneness, that is to say, collective unity on a global scale; is perhaps not as ridiculous as it may first sound. The steps would involve a change of perception, facilitated at first by a few, who in turn spread this message, subsequently expanding its reach and by extension; overcoming ‘darkness’.
As I wrote that, it sounded good, but then I wrote the word darkness. Now, as you’re reading this, I imagine you’re probably thinking ok, so he means negativity, bad things – I definitely want to get rid of them!
But the truth is, at least from the way I can see life; there will always be negativity. I’ll say that again: there will always be negativity.

We Exist in a Three Dimensional Reality

We are bound by certain conditions that all matter in the universe (as is our present understanding at least) adhere to. We call these conditions the laws of Physics. Although not a exactly a law of physics (research Newtonian Mechanics or Thermodynamic laws if you want to delve deeper into the idea), the basis of the concept I’m exploring within this article is very similar;

“For every reaction; there is an equal and opposite reaction”

In terms of my point, this law states that for everything positive that occurs, something equally negative must occur. A real time example might be that you miss a bus, and are thus late for work, yet coincidentally you saw on old friend at said bus stop, therefore restoring the ‘balance’. This is the basis for Karmic law, or at least the notion of it (I don’t think buses were invented when the Vedas were written).
So from that standpoint, it would be seemingly impossible to exist in a world without negativity. We are surely bound by this law, as amalgamations of matter ourselves?

Labelling the Essence of Life

Now let’s consider that “Positive” and “Negative” are merely words; human constructs built as a way to quantify existence in terms that we find comforting. The ability to label the essence of life is one of the particularly absurd factors of human consciousness, our desire to put things in boxes and compare has left us wanting rather than transcending this situation. If we remove those abstract forms, much as you would imagine an animal, or similar (once again; seemingly) egoless creature does: The rabbit presumably doesn’t know that it is having a “good” day, it just knows that it ran away from the fox, and is now eating its lunch.
Were we too, to look at the world in this way, there could be no positive or negative; it would just be the case. The ‘equal and opposite reaction’ or ‘universal balance’ would no doubt remain constant, but our perception of it; and therefore our reality, would be completely different!
With a simple (albeit immensely difficult) shift in perception, we then give ourselves the freedom to accept that things we don’t like are a part of our reality. I don’t like the fact I have to pay tax, but if I accept that I do, or make effort to change that fact, it ceases to be a negative connotation; I am free to allow that particular truth, rather than repressing it or exalting it.
You might also have noticed that this revelation negates my first point – that there will always be negativity: There couldn’t be any negativity, or positivity for that matter, in a world where everything “just was”.

Shifting Perspectives

In a world where I view everything as the way it is, change or progression would be born out of universal flow; there can be no frustration of self or egoic desire, which is of course where the illusion of separateness comes from. We could go further into the idea of whether or not the ‘Universe’ can be personified much as the way Theists have with their respective Deities, but that’s another article entirely.
In the space of a few hundred words, you can chart a change in perception and see how simple it is to shift your own ‘truth’.
Of course I’ve written in such a way as to illustrate my point to you most clearly rather than actually changing my own mind, but I hope this has provided food for thought or subtle remembrance of a long held truth.

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Can I Change My Mind?

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