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How To Save Your Day

It’s Christmas Eve, Jackie is at home feeling pretty good about having most of the present and holiday prep under control, she is contentedly busy preparing cookies for the kids, her two boys who are outside playing in the garden..  Unannounced in walks her ex partner who immediately starts his own negotiations to alter the already agreed whereabouts of their sons over the holidays (you can swap this out for trying brother, difficult in laws, or any situation that may get your blood pressure up, like the shop shutting one minute before you get there or leaving work with two days worth of work to come back to).  We will skip the story of this, make up your own story, and lets get to the grunt of it.  Jackie gets wound up, the father of her kids leaves and she is left with seemingly the same task to do but is now feeling upset, agitated, teary and plain work down by the Christmas frenzy, even though half hour before she was feeling content and peaceful.  “Yoga” thinks Jackie.  “No time we need to be at Mark’s house in 30 minutes”!  What’s a yogi to do? Observe the ever changing mind and emotions? Let go of the story? Breathe deep?  YES, YES and YES, these are all very useful and here’s the tip that will help you to feel calm and at ease without resorting to wine.

Is your story harassing you?

Jackie notices the emotions she is feeling, she notices that there is a story being told in the mind about the ex and Christmas and all of the frustrations.  As this story plays Jackie gets more and more emotionally unbalanced, like this recent fluctuation is piling up on top of all the older ones.  “Enough story” she thinks!  “Where is this in my body?”.  Jackie takes a deep breath and a scan of her body.  She feels a fiery sensation in her belly and a constriction around her throat like she is being throttled.  She wouldn’t have noticed unless she had learnt to mindfully turn her attention to it and use her body awareness.  Jackie breathes into the throat space, inviting the breath to expand the constriction.  After a few breaths Jackie notices the throttle on her throat easing up, opening and starting to clear.  She continues in this way until the space has become freer and now she notices that she is feeling much calmer again.  So what happened here?  All of our emotional responses are also felt in the body.  This is not mumbo-jumbo, this is likened to a technique used in modern psychotherapy and can be similar to some meditation techniques where you move away from the mental story and instead notice and free up any strain being stored your energetic body.  The energy of it stays with us unless we can choose to let it go.

Now any moment can feel smoother

Like a single grain of sand on the seabed, one small deposit of energy may not be enough for you to notice making waves in your calm waters.  But over time, if the same emotion or reaction is triggered, this can lay down more energy, which will over time, form a big pile of sand that will certainly be quick to make turbulent waters of your life.  By the way, telling the mental story over and over again in your head, also adds to that seabed of stormy waters.    By using the technique to release the associated energy and letting the story go, we can work towards flattening the sand out a bit, so even if waves are triggered, they wont tip the boat.  You steer into it by noticing and breathing into the bodily associated energy of it and handle it differently than ever before.

it’s a shame not to try it when it’s so easy

If you are committed to helping yourself feel open and clear, then start trying this technique today.  If it is completely new for you, then as with everything, practice makes perfect.  We recommend starting with a time when you can sit quietly either cross legged or your feet flat on the floor (or lie), breathe deep and have a go at the body scan.  Most of us can already notice sensations of heat, cold, pain, heaviness, lightness so start with these.  And then begin to look for the subtleties like tingling, pins and needles, vibrations, constrictions and openness, or perhaps a feeling of denseness or even nothingness!  Inside the body, outside the body or on the body, start with whatever you feel.  Every time the story comes back, go to the sensations and breathe into them, noticing if they alter

Is it that simple?  Well yes it is. This one simple technique can play a part in rewiring patterns and letting go of baggage.  To know more then look out for our new years articles to find out more about this life enhancing technique and say hello to more freedom.

Yogasync Me!  For more ways to keep joyful this holidays, check out this article.

And if that isnt eniugh then here’s 16 seconds of joy.  Can you resonate?  Ho ho ho ha ha ha!

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