Surrender to the Eternal Positive

Eternal Positiveop

Letting yourself go into a yoga pose, even relaxation pose (Savasana) is an active way to surrender, consciously, to the flow of positive energy that the Universe provides. The stream of positive Universal energy is always there and always flowing, even when we don’t feel personally connected to it.

Connecting with this energy means giving ourselves permission to receive it all the time. It means letting go of the idea that we are undeserving. We’re able to make this happen if we show ourselves compassion. If we show ourselves, true, sincere compassion then we truly open our own hearts.

When our hearts are truly open to ourselves we become truly compassionate beings. True self-love is different than self-preference, because true love is not selective. It is said that if we can’t love ourselves, then we can’t love other people. This is true. It is just as true that if we can’t love other people, we can’t love ourselves.

Take the Good with the Bad

We possess the ability to love. It is an in-born emotion. But we don’t always know how to express it in understandable terms. When we accept that we have the ability to love, love ceases to be compartmentalized in our hearts and minds and it ceases to be selective.

If we truly love ourselves, we accept our own good qualities as easily as we accept our flaws. We forgive ourselves for our mistakes and we accept our whole selves just as we are.

I love you to “pieces”

We become whole persons instead of compartmentalized beings and we stop judging ourselves one piece at a time. Then we start to see others the same way. We see complete people, not pieces.

Imperfect Becomes Perfection

We look at other people in our lives-people who we love-friends, sisters, brothers, parents-none of them are perfect and no one who loves us likely thinks we’re perfect, either. Loved ones are always there, if not physically, then in spirit. They have an unmistakable presence in our lives and are a force of strength, of vulnerability and of goodness in their own ways.

No matter who they are or what they do, our true friends and loved ones offer some sense of being, some sense of valuable consistency that makes a forever meaningful difference. Somewhere in our hearts, we feel a state of being altogether perfect because we accept the whole truth sincerely. We embrace these people and these truths altogether, seeing the “imperfections” only as personal characteristics instead of flaws, and the imperfection suddenly become perfection.

“I accept all in the eternal now”

So surrender to the flow of life, accept that positive energy is always around you and around others whom you know, and let the energy enter you. Dwell with positive energy and you become it.

Yogasync Me: Need a little help with Self-Love?  Try this Meditation for Acceptance

I am Moving Towards Acceptance and Love

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