Ode to a Yogi

Ode to Yogiop


You whip out the mat, and tie back your hair
Unless you are bald or a great grizzly bear.
You burn incense and dong a bell
You take a deep breath and approve of the smell.

You listen carefully, until you can hear
A great big nothing, the coast must be clear.
There’s nothing to do and no place to be
But to nourish this soul, this wonderful ‘me’.

There are arms and legs all over the place.
Your gait is stately, you wear a calm face.
You’re ready to start, you’re all warmed up,
“Ah, my herbal tea! I might take a sip.”

You’re definitely ready, to begin at last.
You’re ready to forget, the future and past.
Here and now – in this sacred space
Your practice starts, at an enlightened snail’s pace.

Three-part-breaths and reverse warrior pose.
During downward dog, your bum it doth rose.
Five pointed star and a bit of half moon
A graceful goddess, oh! It’s over too soon.

Life has slowed down, you could stay here all day
But you’re due back at work, for the bills you must pay.
A short meditation before you must go
Loving-kindness to all, from your heart it does flow.

Life recommences – but not as before
For you have spent an age, with yourself on the floor.
You notice the beauty in the run of the mill
For you’re a glorious yogi, all present and still.

Yogasync me! Does this poem make you smile? Keep your good mood going with this deep guided meditation:

Meditation For Happiness

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About Rose Servitova

Rose Servitova is an Irish writer - mother of two, wife of one. She has been practicing yoga for 8 years and writing since she started school. Trained as a Life-Coach and Reiki practitioner, she has also attended workshops on Meditation, Creative Non-fiction, Storytelling, Feldenkrais and Gestalt principles. One of Rose’s favourite pastimes is travelling. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and would travel inside a bag of coal if she thought it would give her a new perspective on life. She likes when humor and personal growth meet, generally looking for the ridiculous in life – having been influenced by her father’s mantra “Sure, if we don’t laugh, we’d cry.” Her aim in life is to become extremely profound. Rose can be contacted at - [email protected]

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