Meditation #3 – Where Do Your Opinions Come From?


I hope whenever you’re reading this that things are going well in your life, but if not; I also hope that things get better for you. You deserve to feel good about yourself.

Wherever you are right now, whether you’re standing, sitting or lying, at home, on a commute or maybe at work; take 30 seconds to try this short exercise - you might surprise yourself…

Think back to a recent conversation, argument or discussion. Maybe it was with friends, colleagues or yourself, and visualise a memory of it.

It could be a recent argument that you had, maybe you were toying with the idea of holiday plans but couldn’t make your mind up. It could even be your justification to a bad habit you know you want to stop.

The point is I want you to question yourself. I’ll give you an example:

The other morning, I was thinking about life while sitting in my bathroom. No need to visualise that (we all do it). I was thinking about Tribalism (long story) and it suddenly occurred to me, that that particular thought I was having was not my own.

I racked my brain to find where I had picked up this random excerpt of knowledge, to no avail. Was it maybe a thought of my own? Although it’s a simple thought, and one that’s barely ground-tickling let alone, breaking; it got me thinking.

Everything around us obviously affects our thought patterns and who we become, on a second by second basis. But how much of what we think is our organic cognition, rather than social conditioning, media influence, interpersonal, etc.?

Later that day, I found myself on YouTube and stumbled upon (not via StumbleUpon) the video where I had first seen the point raised; which I’d taken to be my own thought and subsequently argued with myself about it.

After all that I made a conscious effort to go back and meditate on lots of things I’ve said or written recently to give a personal dressing down of that mental chatter and falsified personal pretense. It’s a simple exercise that some of you probably do all the time anyway; it’s useful for us all to check ourselves, yoga practitioner or not.

Slightly abstract but I hope you can see my point: challenge your perceptions and opinions, I promise you’ll surprise yourself.

Yogasync me! This practice will help you really get inside your own head and meditate on your own opinions:

Healing and Drifting Away

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