I Was Planning On Feeling Depressed Today

I was planning on feelingop


I Was Planning On Feeling Depressed Today, But….this class made me feel totally calm and uplifted:

Ugh. I was already ten minutes late. There had been traffic, honking and chaos the whole way there. All the parking spots in the back were already taken. The strap broke on my mat carrier, and I had forgotten my water bottle at home. Arriving at Calm & Mindful Yoga, I was feeling anything but. However, once I walked through the door to the studio I was greeted by the simple sound of quiet. The young woman at the front desk smiled warmly, welcoming.

“I’msorryI’mlatetherewasnoparkingisittoolatetotakeclass” – the words tumbled out of my mouth as I struggled to balance my lumpy mat and coat while rifling through my bag for my wallet. Why am I even here? I thought. The Universe is clearly conspiring to make this as difficult as possible. I located my credit card. What makes me think I even have time for this? How selfish and silly am I for taking a yoga class in the middle of the morning when my house is a mess and the car needs oil and… The young woman had come out from behind the desk to gently unburden me of my mat. “Why don’t I go lay this down inside the studio for you? Take your time getting ready.” And before I could stop her she was inside. How dare she! Now I’m stuck here.

Frustrated, I quickly shook off my shoes and socks and darted into the back of class. Breath in breath out, yeah yeah, let’s get this over with, I thought, until suddenly: I was slowly opening my eyes after a long, rich Savasana. An incredible sense of calm washed over my body and mind. The frantic energy that had me so resistant in the beginning had been my driving force through class, and in fact pushed me to challenge myself and commit to the work. The relaxation at the end of class felt earned, and I submitted to it deeply. As the lights slowly came up I realized all the panic and frustration had simply floated away. I felt myself looking forward to the busy day ahead of me, feeling at once grounded and energized. I rolled up my mat and thanked my teacher, beaming. Me! Beaming! On a Monday!

It wasn’t until I was driving home that I realized my credit card was still in my back pocket. The woman at the front desk had never mentioned it. Yoga is the gift we give ourselves, and no matter what state of mind we use to approach the practice, it is always there to bring us back to peace.

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Rose O’Shea is a writer/comedian and yogi based in Los Angeles, CA, although Hollywood glamour isn’t what she’d call all these croissant crumbs in her hair. Rose has a hatha practice, a passion for the performing arts and a knack for cooking with kale. She received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, as well as advanced training in improv from the Groundlings and Upright Citizen Brigade theaters. At night Rose can be found performing all around the city with various improv teams; in the daytime she goes to yoga, and writes and writes and writes. She lives with a delightful cat named Moon.

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