Four Ways to Keep Your Practice Alive

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The Honeymoon Is Over!

Starting a yoga practice is a lot like beginning a new relationship – everything is exciting and you want to spend all your time together. But as the initial giddiness begins to wear off yoga can begin to look a lot like work. Pretty soon your practice can start to feel like another errand to be checked off your list, or even skipped altogether. Reinvigorate your relationship with yoga with these four simple tricks, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Bring a Friend:

Got a friend who could really use some yoga in their life? Finally follow up on your promise to bring them to a class. Many teachers offer the first class free, and having a guest will help you see your practice and studio through new eyes. Give a little tour and make an introduction with your teacher – basically, be a yoga ambassador. You’ll be reminding yourself of all the good that yoga brings to your life too.

Treat Yourself:

It might seem a little silly, but gifting yourself a little yoga luxury can sometimes provide the extra bump needed for motivation in a difficult class. A soft new mat, a colorful headband, even a fresh coat of polish on your toes can make that days adho mukha svanasanas a bit more fun.

Switch it Up:

Challenge yourself to try a new class, a new style, or even just a new time (if you normally practice in the evenings after work, take an early bird class!) You aren’t aiming to make a new addition to your practice – think of it as an espresso shot to liven up your normal routine every so often. And who knows, you just might discover something new to love.

Make Something:

You know that yoga is a positive force, so try expressing your feelings about yoga through art. Build a yoga collage with images that inspire you, or illustrate the asanas. Not crafty? Write a song, or a poem, or even just dedicate a journal entry to yoga. Focus less on your physical goals and achievements, and instead try and express how yoga affects your heart center. You don’t have to show anyone what you create, but let it be something to return to when you need yoga inspiration.

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