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Global Perspectives of Yoga

One of the key ways we can change the global perspective & impact of Yoga, is to incorporate it into the lives of our young people, as well as our elders; the two groups that I think would benefit most from its teachings.
The malleable minded fountains of creativity that our young people are, deserve the chance to learn to reduce their stress, increase their conscious perspective, and become healthier. For our elders, that effect should be two fold, the people that brought us into this world, and shaped the world we now live in, deserve the exact same opportunity.

For the Kids

For these situations to materialise it would mean the Yoga community taking the ideals of Yoga, be it as individuals or studios; to local governments, youth groups, or any NGO that holds young peoples’ priorities paramount. Once there; show them that the interest is genuinely there for expansion into our school systems from a large number of our selves, as well as scientifically proved benefits. As a non-religious practice, it could even be incorporated into faith schools as a supplement to their religious education. Not to mention the fact that Health & Wellbeing is one of the fastest growing global industries so from an economic standpoint; investing in the health of our youth is a wise investment – should it (unfortunately) need justifying.

For the Elders

Coincidentally, I believe that we must also support the health of our elders. According to various modern studies, the average profile of a Yoga participant is a middle-aged female. In the not so distant future, the middle aged will become the old aged (although no less beautiful, I’m sure!) which will require more facilities and focus than we currently offer to the situation, not to mention giving great incentive for any member of said demographic to start addressing the problem now. On a side-note, if you’re inclined towards a belief or knowledge or reincarnation, this would also pay dividends in a karmic sense; preparing our elderly for their next life cycle by giving them knowledge of self in the later stages of life, they are thus more likely to incarnate as more spiritually aware & conscious beings, which subsequently strengthens the power of the youth in a roundabout way (Once again, if you’re that way inclined, take it as food for thought if not).

In conclusion, by ensuring our children have access to the benefits of Yoga, we guarantee its continued tradition, as well as driving innovation for posterity. By giving our elders the respect they deserve for putting us on this earth in the first place, we can further spread joy to their lives, while providing cosmic & karmic catharsis for their service in our earlier years.

Yogasync Me!  Check Out some Yoga for older people:

Yoga that is Scientifically Proven to Prevent Falls

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