Crazy Cat Lady Yoga


Finally, I have cleared my head of all the chores, errands, work, mistakes and shortcomings of the day in my pre-practice meditation. BANG! There is a rattle three times on the door. Jolted out of my blissful meditative state, I realize one of my three cats has learned to knock on a closed door.

Reluctantly, before I begin my first cat and dog tilts, I let my black kitty, Koko, in through the door. I figure if I didn’t answer the door for her, she may walk away for a few minutes before banging on the door again. Koko trots through the door, looks around the room wondering what I was hiding from her then settles down in her favorite kitty bed on the window sill. I didn’t really think I had any hope of seclusion from the kitties for long anyways.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my cats. I am one of those people who talks about my cats as if they are little people. Each kitty has their own quirks and personalities that I could go on ad nauseam about, but I will save you from most of the cute and gruesome details. All three cats, Koko, Coo Coo and Tommy, are my fur babies that I absolutely adore. They also are just downright distracting when it comes to practicing yoga, and now that I think about it they get in the way frequently with other household activities as well.

Every practice each kitty will offer something different. One day, two of the kitties will tear through the room chasing each other at high speed. The next one will decide to have a good old hair ball right in front of my mat. Other times they decide my scorpion pose makes for a perfect bridge for them to walk under stealthily. On bad days they decide my mat looks like a good napping spot, so they are situated right where my feet go during down dogs, lunges, etc. There is nothing less Zen feeling than having to move a comfortable kitty to continue a yoga practice, trust me.

Anyways, apparently closing the bedroom door is not going to work to keep them out of the way. Something about yoga always attract at least one of the kitties to want to spend time in the general area. I don’t know if it is the good energy, or if they just love being around their favorite large, dumb and clumsy kitty (that is how cats see us humans according to scientific research). My practice also seems to attract my fiancé to peek into the room too, but he is much more trainable than my three cats.

That was the last straw I decided. This time I would box them all in the home office while I did my practice that would be so peaceful, Zen and all that jazz. No more stopping in the middle of my practice for any cat, man, phone call or anything. I’m trying to get my yoga on, and no one is going to get in my way!

After wrangling all the kitties into the office, I go to sit on my yoga mat ready for the best practice of my life. During my yoga practice, I start to get distracted. I couldn’t help but feel guilty about my poor fur babies boxed in a room. Then I started to remember the times that Coo Coo would come nuzzle my foot as I did my cobra poses. Also, the handful of times when Koko came and napped on my belly, purring the whole time as I enjoyed some of the most peaceful Savasanas of all my years of practice.

If yoga is supposed to be about connecting to the divine and true self, how could pets be out of the picture? Maybe I am just making up excuses at this point, but kitties seem like very enlightened critters, well, at least when they aren’t being little death machines killing bugs, mice, etc. They know how to take it easy and nap all day long contentedly, and I think many of us human could learn a thing or two from cats.

I bet you can guess how this story ends. I let my kitties out of the room to re-join me in my yoga practice, and they have free reign of the house every time I hit the mat these days. When they are trying their best to be distracting as possible, I just view it as another interesting element of my personal home yoga practice.

Yogasync Me!  How do your pets react when you go into your most perfect downdog?  Play the video and find out!


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