3 Super Simple Ways to Deepen Intimacy with Yoga

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Couples Yoga: A New Level of Intimacy

With the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, it is hard to find time for your relationship. When work and family life become stressful, it is easy for you and your partner to become distanced and out of sync. Practicing yoga with your partner can be a fun, healthy way to deepen your intimacy. You can simply practice side-by-side, or take turns modifying each other’s poses. There are also two-in-one poses that involve both of you working together. Taking just 20 minutes a day to practice yoga together can strengthen both your bodies, and your emotional connection.

1- Flow Together

One way to tune into your partner’s spiritual wave-length is to practice side-by-side Sun Salutations. Sun Salutations are a series of movements that create warmth within the body while gently increasing the heart rate. This helps increase the blood flow throughout your body which is important in sexual performance and also heightens sensitivity to sensation. Quietly observing and mirroring your partner’s movements allows you to fall into a rhythm with each other that will translate into your daily lives.

2 – Bring New Experience of Poses for Each Other

Another way to experience couples yoga is to help each other modify and deepen different poses, the way your instructor normally would during a class. For example, while you are in the Reclining Bound Angle pose, your partner could gentle press down on your shoulders, expanding and opening up the chest. These modifications require you to practice communicating effectively with each other in order to achieve the desired result. You can also deepen each other’s poses simultaneously, as in the Seated Twist. Sit cross-legged facing one another, join opposite hands and twist to the right. You will work together to deepen the stretch.

3 – Keep Enhancing Your Awareness

The most important lesson that Yoga teaches us about relationships is being present with each other both physically and mentally. We have all experienced moments where we are physically present with our partner, but our minds are elsewhere. Yoga teaches us to bring our awareness the present moment, which is important when sharing meaningful, intimate experiences such as making love or quietly cuddling in bed.

However you choose to practice couples yoga, the benefits are endless. You may find that trying something new such as yoga with your lover may add some passion and excitement to your daily routine. Just sharing a few special moments with each other every day can help grow and strengthen your bond with your loved one. You are promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as a healthy relationship.

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Sun Salutes for Beginners

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Mantra Sun Salutations

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