Clear Some of Your Old, Limiting Beliefs in 5 Minutes #2

Meditations 2op

Darkness as a Lesson

In the second entry in this series, I’d like to you invite you to use some of the information we learned in the first section “The Past Recedes”.

This is a short parable, but nonetheless potent in its efficacy.

“In the grey, concreted wilderness that she moved through, nothing seemed to have life. From the morose looking men waiting for their trains, to the equally distant children on their way to school with heads bowed; there seemed to be little joy in the situation.

This in turn brought the young girl down in the dumps. There she was, an intelligent, compassionate human being, lucky enough to be blessed with many gifts and privileges yet here she stood on a cold street corner, wondering what went wrong. Although nothing had really happened, the world didn’t feel right to her.

Puddles were disturbed by the rumblings of inconsiderate vehicles as they passed; an effect mirrored by the jostling of crowds attempting to gain entry onto the 9am express. The trees swayed in the breeze, ever present and accustomed to the flow of life; while angry commuters pushed pashed one another with little regard for personal space and even less regard for the nature that framed their journey. Greyness bred a lack of perspective which bred contempt and unhappiness.

At that precise moment, when everything appeared to be lost, she caught a glimmer of a squirrel bristling through the upper branches of the park’s great Oak. Across the street she stood, transfixed. Every second trying to find a larger glimpse of the mischievous mammal as he bounded from branch to branch, ever impressing with his repertoire of acrobatics.

After watching her newfound friend for some time, she noticed that this squirrel was in fact searching; trying desperately to locate some food and to source the last remaining berries from the tree before winter’s grip took root. The girl lamented, “All this time I’ve been standing here, acting like this animal is providing entertainment to me, when she’s just trying to feed her family!”

The girl then turned back to the platform, she observed all the hustling & bustling at the train station, but in a slightly different light. “These people are all just feeding their families. They’re putting all this effort in and when the entire world looks bleak; they just continue. If only they could take a step back, and appreciate their surroundings for a second, maybe they wouldn’t forget why they’re doing it.”

The moral of the story: Step back, tune in & enjoy once again. The logic of children can make fools of us all.

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