Once you start making this cleaning solution, you’ll wonder why you ever spent quadruple the price (or more) on products from the store.  As well as saving dollars, you’ll be reducing the demand for plastic packaging.  A great choice for you, and the earth, and all its inhabitants.

Ingredients for 2 litres:

  1. 1 litre water
  2. 200 ml vinegar
  3. 40 ml Eco  dish detergent
  4. 40 ml eucalyptus oil
  5. 2 dessertspoons washing soda


  1. Heat water to dissolve washing soda.
  2. Mix other ingredients into it and its ready to use.


  • Use 60 ml in warm water to wash floors.
  • Fill a spray bottle and use it to clean tables, benches and bathroom.
  • It cleans and polishes.


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