5 Industry Secrets For Strong Toned Arms


Yoga Poses Known to Build Strength in Arms

There are many different exercises and routines that can enlarge and strengthen muscles; whichever exercise you use focusing on a specific muscle set is a common practice. However, it is necessary to let one muscle group rest to recuperate while focusing on another group in a normal exercise program. To achieve a well toned and sculpted body it is imperative to work all the muscle groups, in this article we are going to focus on arms but having said that, these exercises will also be strengthening your upper body, you back, your core, forearms, wrists and more.

Getting a nice defined toned shape and strength for your arms is not that hard, but you will need to put in some effort. I will show you and explain some of the best yoga poses to help you develop fast.

Your biceps, triceps and deltoids are the most obvious muscles in your arms and will all be worked in theses poses.

1-Crocodile Pose on Forearms (Low Plank)

Place both palms on the floor wrists aligned and underneath your shoulders, knees underneath the hips, first take one leg straight back and then take your other leg back, align your spine and keep your buttocks level and make sure your wrists stay under your shoulders with your fingers pointed forward, eyes to the floor, tuck your toes and maintain a straight line from your head to your heels, this is the plank pose. Start by holding for a count of 10 breathing smoothly. Check your alignment; you can increase the duration of the pose to build strength and stamina.

2-Side Plank

With your wrists aligned and underneath your shoulders arms straight, bring your right palm in to the centre and rotate sideways at the same time bring your left foot over the right, maintaining a straight spine, a side plank, now lift your left hand up in the air turn your neck and head and look up past your hand, hold and count 10 then return to plank pose and repeat with the other side.

3-High Plank, Knee to Elbow

As in the photo for this article, from the high plank with your wrists aligned and underneath your shoulders arms straight,  spine straight from your head to your heels lift your right leg bending at the knee and bring it close to right elbow and hold for a count of 10, if your knee  can go further than elbow even better.

Repeat same with left leg.

4-Downward Dog

To get into this pose, from the plank pose raise your buttocks and hips up straightening your legs while trying to keep your heels on the floor, at the same time keep your head down in between your arms pressing your chest to your knees. Your body now resembles an A, extend upward while pushing down, maintain a smooth breath, elbows locked, spine straight, hips high up, keep pressing your heels down and hold the pose for a count of 10.

When finished its time for relaxation and for this we use the child pose.

5-Child’s Pose

Resting on your knees, sit back on your heels, bend forward touch your head to the floor bring your arms and hands beside the torso, or out above your head on the floor, and inhale deeply and exhale until you feel relaxed.


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5 Industry Secrets

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