Yoga as Art – Beach Handstands.


Yoga as Art, this is a little clip that is  a reminder that you can do yoga anywhere and any time you like,  for as long as you like, its not always for class, have fun,  play with it,  Downward Dogs on a grass hill, or a Tree in the supermarket queue, Warriors or Handstands on the beach.  It an be amazing what you can learn when you break a pattern.

I had just been for an amazing bike ride along the stunning Taranaki Coastline,  it was a surreal night. The sun was just gently setting over the horizon and the skyline was a range of magical colours and on impulse  I grabbed a Video Camera and Tripod from my  studio, which is about 1 minutes ride from the location in the video and did my best to get a little creative and just let what ever came out flow, my aim was to have the whole thing done in an hour.  It was fun filming, editing and upload started all  in about 50 mins :)  Nice change from a long day at work and to avoid doing further work.

If you want some eye candy check these images of the coastline where I live:

Taranaki New Plymouth Walkway

Taranaki Coastline 

I am so lucky to be living in one of the most amazing spots on Earth, living with an attitude of gratitude.

For more info on my  Major Art Project,  (I call it an Integral Art  project)  Coined from a Term Ken Wilber uses:  About the consciousnesses of the artist being infused into the artwork.  check   Its going to be my work in progress for the next  5- 10 years.

I am excited about the year ahead and creating a laser like teaching in Yogasync.  Looking even more forward to using Yogasync to add some real structure to my practice.


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About Al Hall

Al has been a student of Yoga for the best part of 2 decades. Loves to surf, play beach volley ball and explore the deeper nature of reality. Fancies himself as a bit of a philosopher. Loves to make videos and is the founder of the site.

2 Responses to Yoga as Art – Beach Handstands.

  1. It was good to watch your short yoga at beach. I can’t take my legs up like you have done. May be with with practice. Nice beach seniro.

  2. What an awesome video. Thank you. I live in Gordons Bay about 40 km from Cape Town. I have always wanted to do yoga on the beach, but I never get around to it.
    I think now I have to try it.