Need Some More Love in Your Life?

I love you Sometimes we can f eel a little abandoned by the events of life, and indeed by life itself. Other times we just want to give more love to the world. But whether you’re in a needing mode or a giving mode the place to cultivate more love is inside yourself. Here’s where your yoga practice really shows up in real life practice. As you practice yoga more, the kinds of issues, challenges or setbacks life throws in your wake, that used to turn you upside down and inside out, instead become just part of the passage of life. They arise, you move through them, and they pass. Soon your practice takes the drama out of whatever is arising that’s not so comfortable or easy, and instead you see the situation more clearly… you see it for what it is.


It’s just another situation that requires your attention. In this way, life gets easier.

Meditation and taking mindfulness into our physical practice helps us to build the space in the mind to see our reactivity. In this way we also strip through layers of conditioning that keep us entrapped in negative or self-defeating cycles. What used to enrage or confuse us, tends more to perk our curiosity or deepen our inquiry into what is.Cultivating an open heart space is key. And there are many yoga poses that help us to do this. Backbends, Camel Pose, Warrior, Cow Face Pose, Reclining Hero Pose with arms above head, Sun Salutations, Cat and Dog Tilt are a few. But any practice in general works to open your body which in turn opens the heart also.

And the same goes that an open mind encourages the body to open too. Those of us who have been on one week meditation retreats know that all that sitting around indirectly makes the body supple.  A yoga pose we couldn’t get into before the one week sit is something we can now slide ever so easily and gracefully into. The body is more flexible simply because the mind is quiet, still and open – in other words all resistances have been dropped and the channels are open for flow. Women can imagine the implications this has for the birthing process…..When the heart space is open the flow of life courses through our own energy channels in a way that is not restricted or congested by the trappings of the mind and the judgments or beliefs that we’ve held.

Yoga is Union… it yokes mind, body, heart and soul together. For more on this aspect of yoga pop over here for a philosophical take on yoga as well as a brief discussion between Al and Sarsha on the nature of Mind, Body and Spirit.

And until next time… remember at the deepest level of existence, you are Love.

Love and Prana

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PPPS. Fill your heart with gratitude and excitement, knowing that wonderful people and opportunities surround you now! We’re glad you’re part of our community.


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