Yoga and Weight loss

How can I use Yoga to lose weight is a very common question that I get asked.   Is it in fact possible to lose weight with Yoga ?  Personally I can’t give you the I was there once story,  but I can offer you my outlook on it,  from a place that is working.  I am 100% certain that if you adopt a  yogic lifestyle it  can be the path to  a healthier slimmer more vibrant you.  You will achieve Weight loss ( if you have it to lose and that’s your goal) , more lean muscle mass ( which helps burn calories even when your doing nothing) and a more optimistic view on life, where you don’t need to compulsively  eat to feel better.

The main factors a balanced nutrition the right exercise ( which can be achieved 100% with different yoga practices , which do require knowledge)   and rest.  It truly is simple.
I can tell you one thing that does not work in the long term and that is Diet in the true sense of the word.  Sure it may work in the short term, but for the long term you need a lifestyle change, which involves a shift in attitude.

Ok what  I can tell you about yoga and weight loss.  Its the same principles that apply with what ever method that you chosen.  It comes down to living a balanced lifestyle ( i can’t repeat this enough) .  Really its as simple as ABC

A/ Balanced Nutrition
The right ration for YOU ( we all have different metabolic types and respond differently )  of

A/ Quality  Lean Protein
B/ Good Fats ( IE the correct ratio of Omega 3′s – 6 – 9)
C/ Carbohydrates ( ideally with a low GI for sustained release.)  Be careful these are not all what they seem.  EG white rice has a very high GI !! it may not be for you.  Maybe Brown Jasmine is for you with a way lower GI. Maybe rice it not for you?

B/ Right Exercise
You need to get your Heart rate up into the fat burning zone  (Interval training is good, Hi intensity movement then rest then repeat)  The right Yoga is great for this is as it works muscles ( often multiple groups simultaneously) stretch’s muscles   ( again often multiple groups simultaneously) as well as giving you the cardio that you need.  It does work to speed up your metabolism for days afterwards.  It can take a while a year or so to have enough knowledge to use only yoga for this. ( Be mindful this is only a small part of  the bigger yoga picture,  but if this is the only reason you want to use it for, its  a good start)

C/  Rest
Let the work that you are doing do its work.  Get plenty of quality sleep .

And yes this can be easier said than done as there is a lot of conflicting information out there, to the point where the mind can boggle.  It never ceases to amaze me as to what people can mistake A B C to mean.

Its easy to start removing something for a couple of weeks to see how you feel.  Things like diary , wheat, alcohol.

If you have let things slip a little,  sure there will be a bit of hard work in the beginning ( maybe to the point of feeling unbalanced) , but where ever we are we did not get there overnight, life is a process and its always one step after the next.  You really just need to make better choices.  Better choices come from better information, you need to work on your discernment between was it true and right for you and what is not.  Beware of the latest FAD DIET that wants to take your money.  Ask your self is this person about my well being or making a buck ?  Will it last?
One thing about yoga is that it has been around for 1000′s of years, so you can be sure it is not a fad. It is a long term repeatable system. It is also about more than just movement, the full system is about lifestyle choices of what you eat and tools to guide your thought in the direction of your higher self.

Seriously in the western world we have the challenge of too much abundance,  there is more people sick and dieing from over eating than from starvation.  Yes its a very weird thing.

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7 Responses to Yoga and Weight loss

  1. Hey Al!

    Great job on the new website, and your blog is always filled with honest, well-informed advice.

    It’s also great to see other men who do strive to take great care of their bodies, minds, and spirits, and who are not persuaded by the western stereotype of how men should act and eat and do.

    I am just starting a new chapter in my life, and once I get settled down, I do have ambitions to reform my lifestyle by incorporating a daily yoga practice, managing my diet to include more greens and less meats, and getting closer to my God and my true self. Your continued guidance has helped me, and I appreciate all of it.

    Thanks again for what you do for me and for the world!

    Joseph Reyes

    • Thanks Joseph for the vote of confidence. Yes the western stereotype of how men should act and eat and do is a bit of a challenge for some.

      This is a great goal. “I do have ambitions to reform my lifestyle by incorporating a daily yoga practice, managing my diet to include more greens and less meats, and getting closer to my God and my true self. ” I have been working on a Yoga platform that is going to really help those that want a daily practice with some real variety and flexibility. Stay tuned for that as it really is a world first .


  2. Dear sir/madam
    I have been diabetic since last more than 32 yrs.Now I am 70 yrs.
    Since last 20 yrs I have been controlling my blood sugar with insulin,diet,walking and some yoga exercises.As of today I am perfectly well.
    I personally feel that yoga works much slowly as compared to other exercises.
    Diet is very important in controlling diabetes and weight.
    Will you pl.let me know as with what yoga how much calories I will burn?
    This will greatly help me in managing my body weight and diabetes.
    Thanks and regards

  3. Dear Al,

    I am a 48 yr old woman, healthy and happy! I have not started yoga 4 years ago for weight loss but more for regaining my former flexibility and also for stress release. I have never felt as good while doing other forms of exercises previously as I have been feeling since starting yoga at a studio. One of the natural spinoffs is that my weight has been stable and easy to manage since yoga has brought me to a more peaceful place in myself and I I truly do not feel like binging any more.

    I can honestly say that regular yoga led me to a holistic lifestyle where balance between between being and doing has been established.

    Thanks for your contribution to the world’s well-being!


    • Greetings from NZ Wilma , great to see the benefits in action. I see the benefits in my life all the time.

      Thank you for input, and positive feedback its great!