What is the best type of yoga for you?


best type of yoga for you?

Are you Looking to start practicing the ancient discipline and art of yoga?  Where do you begin?  There are dozens of different styles that suit different types of people.  Take a look at these common, popular forms of yoga and to determine which is the best type of yoga for you.

Best yoga for beginners:  Hatha Yoga

This is the most common form of yoga: the Sanskrit word literally means sun and moon.  This form of yoga is gentle, and focuses on the physical aspects of yoga.  Many gyms offer beginning hatha yoga classes, which teach basic postures and breathing techniques.  Hatha yoga is a great way to decompress, learn how to manage your stress, build muscle and flexibility, and promote a cleansed, healthy digestive and immune system.

Best yoga for those looking to lose weight:  Power yoga or Asthanga yoga:

Both of these forms of yoga are physically rigorous.  Unlike gentle yoga, they actually raise the heart rate, so that you burn calories while stretching and breathing.  Postures are done relatively quickly.  Transition from one posture to the next is done swiftly, within a single inhale of exhale.  Ashtanga yoga actually follows specific sequences.  A practitioner begins with the primary sequence and once that is mastered, moves on to more advanced sequences.  Ashtanga yoga is strict; you cannot deviate from the proscribed sequence.

Power yoga is similar to Ashtanga yoga with the exception that you do not have to follow a proscribed set of postures.  The yoga instructor will come up with their own sequence which can vary session to session.

Ashtanga and power yoga are best for yoga practitioners who have some yoga experience under their belt, and are looking to challenge their bodies further.

Best yoga for those seeking spiritual and physical insight:  Integral Yoga

 Integral yoga incorporates all of the eight limbs of yoga.  Integral yoga students will learn postures and breathing techniques, as well as studying meditation, self-inquiry techniques, moral living, control of senses, and reunification of the body, mind, and soul through spiritual enlightenment.  Integral yoga is faithful to the original philosophy of the Hindu religion.  Seek a yoga studio that focuses on integral yoga to get started.

These are just three of many types of yoga.  They are, however, a great starting point for those looking into finding which type of yoga best suits them.

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