The Elephant in our body – Working your weaknesses !


We had Paul Barton down again this weekend for the last in our private series of workshops for the year. It was another really successful weekend, Paul bringing with him a good mixture of stories compassion, humor, authority and knowledge among other things. As usual every one had a lot of takeaways to work with.

Work on your weak link to build the most strength and balance.

The yoga workshop focused on more subtle stuff mostly. On the Friday night we did an exercise where we identified or preferred energy line to follow and or non-preferred. This was in relationship to how the body moved out of the hips and took the weight though the hips and legs. I have been carrying a Basketball related knee injury that I have been working with for the last year. So I think my preferred and non preferred may have changed over the last year. After some confusion I identified my preferred energy line to and my non-preferred. Then we started to work with a series of upward dogs and down dogs with reversing the preferred energy line and non-preferred. WOW this really highlighted a seriously large imbalance, that as it seems is a major contributing cause of the continuing knee issues that I have been having. Then to some standing poses, really working hard to work with the weakness and strength in opposite ways that you would normally. This really was quite liberating as new energy lines started taking the weight and a lot of stuck energy was being released from the hips. It surprises me How did I ever miss this imbalance??? It like massively big. When your sitting standing lying you can be working with it. The key thing Paul stress was to not over do it the other way.

At the end of the 2.5 hour workshop the whole of the right side of my body was burning with a kind of facial realignment, I guess. it was pretty sore and I thought I may have over did it, but the neck was feeling as free as ever. So it felt ok. The next morning 85 % of the pain had eased off and some new wiring was firmly in place.

The workshop proceeded smoothly, but highlight a few things that I have been working with for a while. Which is working on my weaknesses.
I refereed to this new lesson, in conversation with friends as the Elephant in My Body as it was so pronounced yet invisible to my awareness. Its like one of those aha moments when you go from now knowing that you didn’t know, to now knowing that you didn’t know, therefore you now have something to work with. Going to your strengths is ok sometimes, but when it comes to your body you can’t do it all the time as the weakest link in the chain will eventually given way in some way. We all have weaknesses and its pretty critical to identify them. Having a good variation in your of Yoga postures really helps. So do your un-favourite yoga postures at times as they are there to show you things, which you might never see.
This is something that I really want to expand on at some stage as there is so much to it.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow! This is quiet interesting Been looking for some time to see something on this topic. I have identified the elephant in my body. and look forward to getting it out. Thanks for the article.