Simple Yoga Lifestyle Will Benefit Your Life


Simple YogaYoga is a lifestyle adopted by many; it is one aspect of the ancient Hindu religion, a philosophy that promotes unification of the soul and mind through a series of deep breathing, posturing, and meditation.  There are eight limbs, or aspects, of traditional yoga, and practicing poses (or asanas) is just one of them!  However, you do not have to embrace every aspect of yoga in order to reap its many benefits.  In fact, yoga can be stripped down to its bare essentials so that anyone, regardless of religion, age, or fitness level, can practice it!

Simple yoga especially benefits those who are too busy working to even think about maintaining a regular exercise routine.  Perhaps they are cooped up all day in an office, slouched over a desk.  Or, perhaps they are running from one task to the next, juggling several things at once, drinking copious amounts of coffee just to make it through the day.  Simple yoga techniques practiced throughout the day can help the stressed out employee, parent, or athlete achieve a higher quality of life.

Simple yoga focuses on calming the mind and rejuvenating the body through deep breathing techniques.  Yoga emphasizes the importance of breathing correctly.  Sitting tall and concentrating on taking deep, relaxed breaths throughout the day relieves tension and renews energy.  Each breath should expand your lungs easily.  Breathing should be peaceful and never forced.  Beginning yoga practitioners might find this feels unnatural.  Over time, it will come more easily and you will find yourself looking forward to these daily respites.  They will be a time of renewal as well as a way to let go of the anxieties of the day.

Simple yoga is about breathing and about performing simple postures in order to further relax the body.  Stretching releases tension in the muscles.  Holding a pose fosters a quiet, still time of intense relaxation and unification of the body with the soul.

Many simple yoga exercises can be performed sitting down at your desk.  Others may require a bit more space, but can easily be accomplished in the comfort of your own home, with just a mat and some comfortable clothes.  Since these poses are meant to be restorative, they do not challenge the body but instead focus on helping the practitioner come to a state of complete recreation.

If you are interested in learning some simple yoga postures, please visit our members’ area, where we have a selection of restorative yoga poses to view on video.

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