Radiation exposure What To Do

This is some good information about radation Exposure as there is a lot of that going on at the moment . This information is  from Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.   Whom really does know his stuff and I really respect what he has to say.   I eat a heap of Green foods like spirulina and  chlorella as they are great for life in general.

In Summary: A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to the Plague of Radiation and What To Do



Based on the post-Chernobyl studies of peri-natal mortality and overall mortality, the increase in the U.S. in these two statistics faded out about 3 months after the Chernobyl meltdown, which, in the Japan meltdowns, would be approximately the period between now and the end of June as the most important time to follow the recommended protocol.In review, some simple things to do to choose life:
I.    Mineralize well for nuclear  plant meltdowns with
A.    Iodoral (50-100 mg daily) – 1-2 tablets daily
B.    Kelp tablets – 4-10 tablets daily
C.    Spirulina (Added Buy Organic Spirulina )  is a great source of iron to protect against radioactive plutonium.  
II.    Chelate
A.    Use NCD as the primary chelator at 10 drops, 4 times daily.
B.    Use kelp (5-10 tablets) for I-131
C.    Use dulse for chelating plutonium
III.    Increase your antioxidant intake.
A.    Nano-Green Tea (½ tsp, 2 times daily)
B.    Mega Hydrate (400 mg, 2 times daily)
C.    Antioxidant Extreme (10 capsules, 2 times daily)
IV.    Foods and Herbs
A.    Increase spirulina, chlorella, and E-3 Live in the diet
B.    Increase all leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables
C.    Take bee pollen (2 Tbsp, 2 times daily)
D.    Increase garlic and onion intake
E.    Use Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, Chapparel, and Rosemary
V.    Eat an organic, plant-source-only diet, which naturally alkalizes the body and is low on the food chain.  Additionally, cover your garden.
VI.    Take political action to eliminate all potential sources of radiation exposure such as use of nuclear power plants, DU weaponry, and all nuclear weapons, as well as minimize use of cell phones and cell phone towers, for minimized EMF exposure to the environment.  It is significant and a hopeful inspiration that Germany is the first country in the world with an explicit plan to shut down and phase out all nuclear power plants.  They plan to do this by 2020.

We have our work cut out for us.  We have been given the warnings.  Prophecy has spoken.  Will we pay attention?  I pray that we do. Thirty-three hundred years ago in Deuteronomy 30:19, Moses said, “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”  As you see, the problem of radiation and EMF’s goes way beyond a nuclear tragedy in Japan.  We are surrounded by ionizing radiation and EMF caused radiation in a way that is actively supporting the Culture of Death.  In these very unique times, it would be very important to look at our lifestyles to see how we can change our lifestyles to minimize our radiation and EMF exposure.  What turns out to be a technological convenience may turn out to be a more serious inconvenience of disability and death.  I would urge you to choose life. [read more]


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7 Responses to Radiation exposure What To Do

  1. Thank you Al for posting the information about radiation exposure. I am not familiar with Dr. Gabriel Cousens’s work, yet I cannot agree more with choice #IV: “to take political action to eliminate all source of radiation.” Japan’s nuclear reactor tragedy helped me understand how dangerous the nuclear reactors are. How insane is the use of nuclear energy. When the news reached me, I was relieve that 3 out of 6 reactors were off. I was relieved that the so called rods turned off the working nuclear reactors. the relieve lasted until I heard that the reactors needed water. Then I heard about a concept of spilt fuel. Then it was the fact that it takes 3-4 years for a turned off reactor to really stop working. Everyday the truth kept coming out. Those who reassured a day earlier would convey the facts only after being pressured. I did loose the trust in the nuclear reactors safety.

    Though studies are reassuring they are limited to the questions they asked! Chernobyl is still a toxic land. A hand full of people are allowed to go back on a 2 week basis though 25 years passed. Chernobyl’s effect is not done. it is just easy to forget about and build more nuclear reactors. it is so sad…

    • Yes Amelia, its a hot bed this topic. We collectively need to become more conscious to be able to offer better solutions to the more complex challenges that we face. Spreading yoga and talking about higher states consciousness is a start for me and we need to work on ourselves firstly and set examples. For the first time in history matters are truly and global and urgent. If not us now ? Then whom and when ???

      Namaste Al

  2. Through living and practicing Yoga I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the earth. To be free to play in the sun. To be free to swim in the sea. Nuclear accidents such as Fukushima and Chernobyl killed the earth and took freedom away.
    How much longer will we buy rationalizations and excuses when it comes to safety of the nuclear dangers? both links provided by Aurora do prove the negative effect Chernobyl had on people. Though in the second article belittled those effects as psycho-somatizations and fear.
    Both links use the phrase “scientific evidence” and call for the need of further studies though I cannot foresee how a non-biased study could be ethically possible!

    Yoga taught me that fear is an emotion like happiness, sadness and other. it is part of us. denying the fear is like lying. I am afraid of the negative effect such nuclear disaster could cause. there is no need to say nuclear accidents are not that bad. Or using statistics and comparisons to the natural radiation. They are bad. they are bad emotionally and physically.

    We were promised after Chernobyl never again and we have Fukushima today. No need to play with the nuclear power. we do not have an antidote to contain it.


  3. It was not my intention to upset anyone. I thought it was interesting to share this information.


    Pues eso, que viva el yoga

  4. Thanks for this list; it would be interesting to know the reason why each one was included so we can understand them more fully. I agree that action to change our politicians’ attitudes towards nuclear power is the most important step. It amazes me that disasters like this aren’t enough on their own – they still want to keep using them!