Essential Preparation for Pranayama


Pranayama is the yoga term for “control of breath.”  “Prana” stands for breath.  Breathing provides us with vital energy through oxygen.  Deep breathing is the backbone of any yoga practice.  Practicing deep breathing will help a person be aware of the vital energy they take.  Short, shallow breaths do not provide enough oxygen to maintain health and wellness.  If you want to practice yoga, it is essential to study and prepare for pranayama.

Pranayama Yoga

Learning to properly control your breath will actually help to attain a strong body and a sharp mind.  Pranayama is the main source of our energy.  Increasing our energy leads to health and wellness.  Proper breathing is most important when you are engaging in physical activity; breathing incorrectly can actually cause harm, either as you are physically active, or someday down the road.

Preparation for pranayama is a good first step when seriously contemplating the study of yoga.  Learning to properly breathe will help you get the most out of your yoga sessions, will give you an increased sense of vitality and energy, will help maintain mental focus throughout the day, and will give you deeper, more restorative sleep.  After practicing pranayama through yoga, you will find an increased sense of awareness about how you take in your essential life force.  Throughout the day, you will start to take in more air, which will have a revitalizing effect on your body as it improves your circulatory system.

The first step in preparation for pranayama is to synchronize your breathing with your activity.  Eventually, you will be able to control where you send your energy through pranayama in your body.  Yoga requires a practitioner to learn how to send their vital energy to the area that needs it most.  Normal, everyday breathing fails to do this.  It takes concentration and practice to learn how to channel your positive energy to the areas that need it most.

The following postures are great for the preparation of pranayama.  Be conscious of your air flow, making sure its smooth and synchronized.  This is the best way to improve the intake of vital energy.

Watch these poses performed by an experienced yoga practitioner at our member area.


RECLINING HERO POSE - Sukha Supya Virasana

BRIDGE POSE - Setu Bandha Sarvangasana / Khandarasana

LEGS UP WALL - Viparita Karani

Relaxation - SVANASANA

Conquest of Energy, lying - UJJUAYI PRANAYAMA SUPINE

Conquest of Ebergy, seated - UJJUAYI PRANAYAMA SITTING

Reclining Interrupted Breathing Cycle – VILOMA PRANAYAMA 1



If you haven’t tried Pranayama before or haven’t for a while, you’ll love THIS!!  Deep Breathing Preparation Video:

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