How to Do Yoga

How to do Yoga

Looking into practicing yoga?  Good choice!  There is no better way to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle than through this ancient, therapeutic and physical exercise.  Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of gender, age, and level of fitness.  However, it’s a good idea to know how to go about starting a yoga routine: you will get more out of your practice if you learn how to do yoga correctly and will be much less likely to injure yourself!

Yoga incorporates the practice of a series of poses accompanied by deep, methodical breathing.  The poses are similar to stretching exercises.  Each pose elongates a set of muscles, strengthening them and promoting flexibility.

The poses always promote lengthening, stretching, and extending the spine.  Yogic tradition asserts that a healthy, strong spine is the key a healthy and solid physical form.  No matter what yoga pose you are attempting, be cognizant of your spine.

Never sit slumped over; this puts unneeded strain on your spine and restricts intake of breath.  Yoga promotes good posture, deep breathing, and gentle stretching.  If you feel any pain or you feel like you are straining your muscles, you are pushing yourself too far.  Yoga demands perfect form but it does not demand you conquer a new pose right away.  Flexible, limber muscles take time to achieve.  When starting yoga, be sure you learn modifications for poses you are not ready for, yet.

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it requires nothing but comfortable clothes and a mat.  You can learn yow to do yoga at home by watching a video or following a book, or you can enroll in a beginner’s yoga class at a local gym or yoga studio.  It’s best to learn the basic yoga postures first:  familiarize yourself with the child’s pose, downward dog, the prayer pose, and the triangle pose before your first class.  These beginning poses are practiced again and again and are often used as transitional poses in posture sequences.

Ready to try a few postures?  Here are some other things to remember:  it is recommended that you practice yoga with an empty stomach.  Make sure you find a flat surface to practice, but keep your mat below you.  Yoga focuses on eliminating distractions: practice yoga in a light, airy place.

If you are not at a yoga studio or at another yoga class, practice when it is quiet: preferably when the kids aren’t around.  Remember that yoga is a relaxing exercise.  Beginners just learning how to do yoga should take it especially slow, making sure they are concentrating on deep breathing, on maintaining balance, and are not letting their mind wander.

Careful practice and persistence will soon pay off.  You will start reaping the many benefits of yoga, including more restful sleep, a boost in energy, and a stronger, healthier body.  Learning how to do yoga is one of the very best things you can do for your body and your mind!

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