Healing Tool- Yoga Classes Benefit Type 2 Diabetes

Yoga as a Healing tool? I saw this new report today on various websites, it was  about how people with type 2 diabetes could benefit from basic classes says a new study.  The research has shown that yoga, even in small amounts  can help slightly lower body weight while helping to controlling blood sugar levels.


(Reuters Health) Reports

“The study, of 123 middle-aged and older adults, found that those who added yoga classes to standard diabetes care shed a handful of pounds over three months. Meanwhile, their average blood sugar levels held steady — in contrast to the non-yoga-practicing “control” group, whose blood sugar levels rose.”

“Among the 60 study participants who took yoga classes several times a week, the average BMI — a measure of weight in relation to height — declined from 25.9 to 25.4. A BMI between 25 and 30 is considered overweight.”

I would have suspected that yoga could help with this and  many other conditions and it would be great to see more studies about yoga as a healing tool.  I am sure that we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg,  there is so much information  present in the yoga system that the western world is still not really aware that  their is a vast knowledge base tied  into this and many other “Eastern” Systems.

A more complete yoga,  would have also taken into account to a ” modern day yogic diet. ” and I am sure the results would have been a lot more impressive , if the complete system was followed.  Still its encouraging to see this stuff appearing in main stream media.

This author is on to it.
Strike a pose: Researchers document the transformative power of yoga
Yoga is good for
Physical Fitness
Pain Relief
Anxiety and Mood
More here.


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