Being There While Getting There. NZ Earth Quake

HI all thanks for the emails with your concern after hearing about the Big Earth Quake in New Zealand. I am on the other Island and not directly affected, Heart felt wishes to all those affected and still have friends and family missing.

Announced in the video below the winner of the Toe stretchers.  Also we go into a few of the top comments on the last blog post  and I give away 5 copies of Pranayama self to the Soul DVD .

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16 Responses to Being There While Getting There. NZ Earth Quake

  1. Hi Al I am so Happy that you were alright I thought you would be as I thought you ere at the other end of the Island so glad to hear I know I don’t talk much to any one but you seem to bring me out thats for you blogs they are a link to the outside world for me. I think the universe is tell us she has had enough and is fighting back I’m in Bundaberg and we just had massive floods and now NZ is being hit and the states with there blizards and so I just want to say Keep Safe and Namaste Julie

  2. Hi, I am very sorry for this terrible Earth Quake in New Zealand. I am still didn’t say it in words, though followed all news. Now I think, better to express my late sorry to all who was affected. God bless you.

  3. First, many thanks to you and your team for teaching me Yoga and making me stronger each day. Second, I hate earthquakes, I think it is the price we pay for living in beautiful places, my first was in LA as a child – where streets broke in half and my house tilted and my second was in Mexico, where we had floods and local houses were washed away. We dont’ have earthquakes in Germany…just way too many germans :)…I wish you all the best and send all my prayers and thoughts your way.

  4. I’m amazed that you are exposing us to such good yoga life style and philosophy moments. so glad you are fine. I connect to you through this media so it took a while to think oh my god…keep Al safe. I am working on project to combine gi-gong, yoga and dance improve together for integrated recreation of care givers and those w/ dementia. Very much into connections between people, idea of mutual support. Know that some partner yoga could work for aging folks, what is best. You rock. Thanks for materials. i will be happy paying something for CD’s if you send anything this way mARYANN nAMASTE

  5. Hi, Al
    Am so happy u are alright, thanks a lot for all the good stuffs you are giving us, my friends and I in Ghana are most grateful. God bless You

  6. Thank you and all the best from New Caledonia, Namaste

  7. Hai, first of all i express my belated sorry for the earth quake.i thank god for keeping you and your team safe and sound. thanks for all the materials. my prayers are with you always.

  8. It is me very sorry for this terrible Earth Quake in New Zealand. also. I greet all warmly – michael from Poland Europe.

  9. Glad that you are well and good :) Take care.

  10. i am very sorry for what happened in new best warm feeling to them ….i am happy that you are safe….my warm greets from lebanon middle east/dunia….

  11. Really wish to save to my computer so I can travel without being connected to internet your videos. Particularly interested in the ones you presently have for download but unable to save them or find a link to download. Could you help me?
    Loved your first yoga video download.

  12. Hello, hope you are fine, my best wishes for NZ amazing country, God bless NZ

  13. hi Al
    it’s good to practice your wonderful Yoga. thanks for the DVDs. all the best to NZ and you
    Irit from Israel

  14. Hi Al,
    Thank you for best training about Yoga.I’m happy you are alright.
    my best wishes for NZ,
    God bless you.

  15. Glad you were not affected by the earthquake. I have learned a lot from you. I missed this giveaway! Congrats to the winner and hope there is a chance for me to join the next promo!