Social Values

How you see yourself is how others will see you, whether you realize it or not. Social values are dependent on your personality. Are you a positive person with a warm glow that attracts good feeling or are you a negative cold person who acts as a repellent and pushes people away?

As your personal values are your foundation then your social values is your building. How deep and strong your foundations go, is how high and erect the building you place upon it.

The great thing about yoga is that it keeps your spine strong and erect. You are tall and straight, you walk with purpose and pose, you are confident and clear. You are full of energy and you have that warm glow, you have control and focus. You are true to others because you are true to you.

The gains that can be made, can only be gained by an open and honest mind. A mind that is accepting and focused, a mind that sets itself to a level of excellence and nothing less.

People around you will notice whether they realize it or not. You will notice that they will treat you with respect because you respect yourself so will others.