Self Control

Through the breathing techniques that are learnt and acquired through the practice of yoga, you will learn the much sort after art of self control.

It is something many wish for however very few are prepared to learn. You see for any real gains one is to acquire in yoga, self control is vital. Control comes about when all parts of the brain intertwine and work together. The conscious state and the subconscious state become one and the focus is centered and directed.

On a physical level, the breath plays a major role in this as it levels the heart rate into a smooth beat and oxygen is delivered on a regular supply to the brain and around the entire body. You are able to stay calm and the connections between the mind and body become stronger.

In a state of calm anything is possible, decisions can be made with clarity and precision. The self control learnt in yoga can be likened to the character in the movie – The Matrix. Keanu Reeves’s character had the focus and control to break it all down and totally slow time down. He had rational thinking and everything worked without having to stop and think about it.

In big challenging situations he was able to set himself apart from the rest because of that focus and control. We know that it’s only a movie however,but the concept is the same. Believe it or not.

That kind of control is available to anyone who makes the decision to improve and learn. It is something that will take time and isn’t handed to you. It is only something you can do for yourself. It isn’t easy however but anything that is good for you isn’t easy anyway. If if was everyone would have self control and that’s way they haven’t.

Cigarettes and alcohol supply is a multi-billion dollar industry because the majority of the population have very low forms of self control. Please make the decision to not be one of these people!

Lack of control leads down a road of total despair and things will only get worst.

Improved self control takes you to places that are totally enjoyable and a blessing to experience.