Reduction of Tension

Tension is a choice that is made. It is a reaction emotion that is decided upon. It doesn’t have to be. However the more you focus on it the more it becomes. Tension is a negative emotion and through the continuing practice of yoga you will learn to make stronger and more positive choices in your life.

Tension comes about by lazy minds which lack control. The practice of yoga uses breathing techniques that will aid and assist in better control and focus. This in turn will lead to the elimination of stress and tension.

Tension leads to a road of unwanted side affects and is definitely a way to get to your grave faster. Not only does the emotion of tension kill you but the way most people choose to deal with it will kill them faster as well. It becomes a double edged sword. The weak minded will choose cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs and even street drugs.

They want to forget about and live in denial, than deal with it. This only leads to things getting worse. However the choice of yoga will take you to places that will only make you stronger.

Mental strength is everything, you have the ability to deal with anything and everything that is placed in front of you. You are continually on the front foot, you are optimistic and enjoy life. How could tension ever exist. You replace words in your vocabulary, words such as problems will become challenges.

Life is to be enjoyed and tension can be something that you used to experience in the past but not now in the present and definitely not in the future. Please remember that if you continue to use the word tension and it’s meaning it can only do two things to you.

It can either make you weaker or you can use it to grow stronger. The choice is always yours.