How you feel mentally is determined by how you feel physically and how you feel physically is determined by how you feel mentally. So as you can see it is a never ending circle that has no start and no finish.

The practice of yoga combines the two together. By practicing the moves(asanas) you will stand straighter because your back is erect and your hamstrings are nice and stretched.

This will place you in a nice alert state. You will feel good and you will look good.

You only have to look a somebody who is tired and dull. Look at their body language, how is their posture? The chances are very good that the back and shoulders are bent forward. The head is down and so is the expression. Is this the kind of state that you want?

Well here at this isn’t even an option.

Confidence comes from within, please don’t mistake confidence for ego. You can always tell the difference between the two. Confidence is a natural state of mind that is flowing and happens on a deep level. Where ego is something that is being put on continually and is acted out, it is shallow and insincere.

Just by walking and standing straighter you will begin to notice a change of state. The practice of yoga promotes happiness and well being that leads to a better way of life. You are able to move with purpose and confidence and make better decisions in your life.

Happiness is the foundation of life and from it comes all the added bonuses such as confidence and vitality. The practice of yoga is a practice of life.