Better Focus

To achieve levels of excellence in life, one must learn to master the mindset of focus. With an improved level of focus one is able to concentrate on the task at hand and complete it to a high degree.

Focus is another word for concentration. When you are able to concentrate better your brain gets stronger. You will be able to learn new things faster and more effectively and the level of life that you experience will greatly improve.

This pose is very effective for improving your ability to focus under "intense" conditions

Focus is everything especially under challenging situations that require you stand up and be counted. You will begin to do things without having to "try", you will "just do." As the great Jedi Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker "Do, or do not. There is no try." "

Focus is doing and it is something that is always greatly improved. It comes about from having a clear and uncluttered mind, that is why the yoga postures that you learn are so beneficial to the cause. You see to get anywhere one must have the focus because if your mind is elsewhere and everywhere but in the moment then your gains and improvements will come oh so slowly.

The best gains in life come when you are "in the zone," and the practice of yoga allows you to learn how to get there time and time again.

The focus that is learned and acquired through yoga can be used in all other parts of your life, whether it’s in business, sport or whatever.