Vision and Hearing Improve

Normal vision and hearing depend to a large extent on the eyes and ears receiving an excellent supply of blood to it’s nerves. The nerves and blood vessels which supply the eyes and ears have to pass through the neck.

If you fail to stay at optimum health, your neck will become less flexible, and this will cause the nerves and blood vessels to have their supplies restricted as they travel through the neck. This will impair the nerve and blood supply to the eyes and ears, affecting their function. Who wants that?

This is not an option for those who wish to continue on to better health. So as you proceed in your journey of yoga, the benefits just keep getting better all the time.

Yoga postures and yoga neck exercises improve the condition of the neck, resulting in better eyesight and improved hearing.

Therefore an improved quality of life while others around you do nothing and end up with exactly that – nothing!